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    I blame my family.Drag racing ,road racing ,motorcylces.And now Bonneville.

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  1. Dave 38

    Working on my 38 Dodge

    Doing the final sheet metal fitting. It fits good! Get primed up and let it sit for a month or two. Need to finish up drive train. I think I have everything I need ,just some small parts to chase down. Cheers
  2. Dave 38

    291 hemi & parts SOLD

  3. Dave 38

    37/38 Dodge fenders & Doors

    I am in Placerville,Ca.
  4. The guy on the running board is a friend of mine.
  5. Selling for a friend . Front and rear fenders 2 sedan rear doors. I also have a coupe seat that nice. Come and make an offer. Sorry no shipping .Pick up only. ps, I have 3 37-38 Plymouth tail lites. 2 repos that came with my car in the 70s and 1 org .
  6. Dave 38

    291 hemi & parts SOLD

  7. Dave 38

    291 hemi & parts SOLD

    291 Desoto hemi, All there with lots of extras.Pick up only. Iam in nor-cal $700 Thanks,Dave
  8. Helping a friend that's moving sell some of his stuff. 37 L /R front fenders e-z fix. 37/38 -2 coupe rear r/fenders 1 rotted out at running board, other o/k. 3 l/fenders all can be fixed ,1 in bad shape ,but can be fixed too. 37/37 L&R c-dan rear doors ,nice shape. Pick up here only. Come and make an offer. Also have a 38 Chrysler/ Desoto /39 Plymouth Coupe seat . Good shape !
  9. Dave 38

    Help with valve setting (cold )

    My engine builder has a Dyno.Might just do that for fun.Iam off for 2 weeks but can't work on the car. I tried to take off 3 fingers last week! So I'll do what I can on it.
  10. Iam setting the valves today on my 230 cu.in. Dodge. And the book only shows 10 hot int & exh. Anyone set cold ?. I was thinking 12 to 14 until I get it up and running. Thanks
  11. Dave 38

    Working on my 38 Dodge

    Only 4 heads made, I have no.3
  12. Dave 38

    Working on my 38 Dodge

    The engine. Just need the head to be finished.
  13. Dave 38

    Working on my 38 Dodge

    Well it only took 40+ years ,but I got primer on the Boznetic Coupe'. Hope to have paint on in a mouth or so. Engine is done, need to finish the head.Cheers
  14. Dave 38

    Help Wanted-

    Why can't you be on the left coast?