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  1. Doing the final sheet metal fitting. It fits good! Get primed up and let it sit for a month or two. Need to finish up drive train. I think I have everything I need ,just some small parts to chase down. Cheers
  2. Selling for a friend . Front and rear fenders 2 sedan rear doors. I also have a coupe seat that nice. Come and make an offer. Sorry no shipping .Pick up only. ps, I have 3 37-38 Plymouth tail lites. 2 repos that came with my car in the 70s and 1 org .
  3. 291 Desoto hemi, All there with lots of extras.Pick up only. Iam in nor-cal $700 Thanks,Dave
  4. Helping a friend that's moving sell some of his stuff. 37 L /R front fenders e-z fix. 37/38 -2 coupe rear r/fenders 1 rotted out at running board, other o/k. 3 l/fenders all can be fixed ,1 in bad shape ,but can be fixed too. 37/37 L&R c-dan rear doors ,nice shape. Pick up here only. Come and make an offer. Also have a 38 Chrysler/ Desoto /39 Plymouth Coupe seat . Good shape !
  5. My engine builder has a Dyno.Might just do that for fun.Iam off for 2 weeks but can't work on the car. I tried to take off 3 fingers last week! So I'll do what I can on it.
  6. Iam setting the valves today on my 230 cu.in. Dodge. And the book only shows 10 hot int & exh. Anyone set cold ?. I was thinking 12 to 14 until I get it up and running. Thanks
  7. The engine. Just need the head to be finished.
  8. Well it only took 40+ years ,but I got primer on the Boznetic Coupe'. Hope to have paint on in a mouth or so. Engine is done, need to finish the head.Cheers
  9. Why can't you be on the left coast?
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