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  1. MUST SELL, PRICE RECENTLY REDUCED. Runs okay, needs tune up, needs brake line work, 4 speed Manuel trans with 2 speed rear end. Some rust but repairable. paperwork not up to date. More photos available upon request. MAKE US AN OFFER. WILL ONLY RESPOND TO EMAILS WITH A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. OTHERS WILL BE IGNORED OR DELETED.
  2. Serial Number 7003234, Body # CT2656-S, Matching engine number of CT4500, 273.8 cu. In. @ 98 Horse Power. 120" Wheel Base. A fully restored version of this car is worth around $120,000 on up. Asking $12,000. AS IS WHERE IS. It starts and runs and is drivable but not street legal. (no working lights) Some new and used parts also go with this car, two many to mention in ad. If interested reply to this ad with a valid phone number and we can talk. NO PHONE NUMBER IN REPLY CANNOT AND WILL NOT REPLY. PLEASE NOTE: This car has NO DMV Paper work. All papers have been lost. Will be sold as a parts car only. More photos available upon request. Email me @ with phone number so I may contact you direct.
  3. I may have just the pick upfor you, it a 1935 chevy all orginal un restored condition, runs, drives and just looks great, has some minor fender damage, runs great. the owner is still in the wishie washie state, but I should know later this week if he is going to sell it. so I don't have pictures yet.
  4. that is what I was thinking but don't see one for the chauffer, where would it be located?
  5. wow, thank you for your help here. yes the car is for sale, and will take quite a bit to restore, but most of all the parts are there. see : I do have one offer pending.
  6. can any one tell me what these components are between the starter and the generator? I think this is a water pump, but what are the fittings on each side for and what is the little facet handles for? also, can someone identify what all the knobs are for on the dash? :confused::confused: see attached photos. also there is a vent? or speaker or something in the back right side wall, does anyone know what this is?
  7. I have added new photos showing the new tires and front suspension repaired.
  8. well not sure the engine is free, cannot turn it via the front of the crank, it has had diesel in the cylinders for a couple weeks not and still can't turn it, but you starter idea might be the ticket, may have to try that. will advise what I find. thanks craig
  9. Thanks for the information Ivan, always nice to find out more about this car. this engine also has duel ignitions systems so there are 12 spark plugs in the head and two distributators. I wish I had the ability and money to get this engine running. would love to hear it run.
  10. as we all suspeceted the number postes was to someone who had no idea about this ad.
  11. Sorry Matei, you email got stuck in my junk file, I tried to call you today and left a message, If you are still intrested please call me back asap, as I have two other people intrested in this car, one has made an offer.
  12. thanks Marty, but the owner found 4 on the Internet somewhere and forgot to tell me. thank you for you responce and post, hopfully someone else can use your tire. well worth the price.
  13. looking for good used 600-23 tires and tubes. also may be marked 33x5x5.5
  14. do you still have the 600-23 tires, if so how many and how much?
  15. I agree Dave, that is why I did not post my number with this ad, as I have gotten fooled before on Craig's list. thanks nice to see someone else sees as a bit fishy