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  1. that is what I was thinking but don't see one for the chauffer, where would it be located?
  2. wow, thank you for your help here. yes the car is for sale, and will take quite a bit to restore, but most of all the parts are there. see : http://forums.aaca.org/f119/1923-pierce-arrow-33-limousine-313202.html I do have one offer pending.
  3. can any one tell me what these components are between the starter and the generator? I think this is a water pump, but what are the fittings on each side for and what is the little facet handles for? also, can someone identify what all the knobs are for on the dash? :confused::confused: see attached photos. also there is a vent? or speaker or something in the back right side wall, does anyone know what this is?
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