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  1. Small world indeed! Could you post a picture of your car? I would love to see that!
  2. Heres what brought me home, my folks 1985 Chevrolet Astro, the first year they came out. Here it is parked in front of our apartment on Parkside Drive on the northwest side of Chicago. On the other side of the trees was the Kennedy Expressway. They bought it brand new, it was a completly stripped down model. I think the only options it had on it was AC and an FM radio. Im probably one of the younger members, I was born Feb 14, 1986. They drove that van untill the wheels fell off, I remember when my Dad sold it in about 1996 with well over 200K on the clock. I know its nothing special and proba
  3. I know this is an old old thread but....... Just picked up my bumper from Courtesy Metal polishing in Villa park. Just wanted to say that they did an EXCELLENT job on my Ranchero's rear bumper! They had it done in a month, and a month sooner than it was promised. Cost me just about 400 bucks to have it done. If you use these guys, make sure you have cash as they do not accept checks or plastic! Its run by 3 brothers: Victor, Temo, and Roy.
  4. Thanks for all the imput guys! Sorry its been a while and I figured i should tell everyone that after much thought I decided to stay with state farm. My main reason was that I was able to get my agent to match the competiton. JC taylor quoted me at about 55.00 per year and Hagerty was about the same. Since I started this thread, my cars been painted and put back together. From state farm I am covered for up to $8,000 for collision or any other damages while it is in storage plus all the standard coverage while it is in storage eg.. rodent damage, fire the building falls on it ect ect... So for
  5. With a bad crank sensor, you will still get spark, but it wont be sparking at the correct time or the correct cylinder. However, like larry explained the injectors will not pulse. I would take a look at that cps.
  6. Dean: Beautiful car and nice work! I wish I had the time and money to undertake a project of the same caliber and pay that close attention to details as you did on yours. Keep up the good work and thanks for posting all the pictures!
  7. I have seen this before. A failed Manifold Air Temp sensor (MAT) and/or a coolant temperature sensor could be the culprit. Is the check engine light on? Hope this helps!
  8. Yea, maybe ill find a spot on my shelves for it. For the last decade or so its been in my gun safe!
  9. Thanks, Ill have to look into that. Yeah, I used to be into these big when i was a kid, it seems like they dont sell them like they used to. I have ones that i got back in the late 80's and early 90's still in their shrink wrap in my basement!
  10. Thanks for the input guys! It is indeed a palmer plastics kit, I forgot to put that in, good call Aerowagon! What is HAMB? Ive never heard of it.
  11. Hi everyone! I posted in the memorobilia section but i figure i'd post here too. My grandpa bought me this model kit many years ago and said to save it and to never try and put it together. Has anyone got any idea of a value for this item? It is 100% complete and is in very good condition for its age and has never been assembled. I dont plan on selling it in the near future, but have always been curious as to what it was worth. If anyone has any ideas or knows of a good source to find out what it could be worth that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everyone! My Grandpa bought me this model from a garage sale many years ago and told me not to ever build it, but to save it. I was just wondering if anyone knows what somthing like this is worth. I think he paid $2.00 for it. It is 100% complete and has never been put together. The original directions, decals and accessories are all there. Heres a couple pics, Im not sure if i want to sell it right now but hopefully someone can help me with an approxamate value or point me where i can find one. I'm pretty sure it was made in 1967 or close to it. It says "made in usa." Thanks in Advanc
  13. Nice find! I sure could use some of the trim off of that '67 Ranchero!
  14. Like the title says, I need a wheel and complete horn button and ring for my '66 Falcon Ranchero. I would also consider buying a complete stickshift column with all the wiring if someone doesnt want to seperate the two. Please send me a pm if you can help. Or at mercman86@sbcglobal.net Im in tinley park, illinois. Thanks in advance! Alex
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