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  1. There is a ebay ad that says that it is for a V-8 Oldsmobile or Pontiac engine. See link.
  2. Well, there are these guys, Rocker Arms Unlimited.
  3. Then and Now Automotive can rebuild your mount. Here are some photos showing how they do it.
  4. This is the one you say does not fit. Are you sure it's not just stuck together with rust?
  5. Well, I can tell you that there were 39,200 V8 Biscayne's sold in 1966.
  6. I think this is the car he is speaking of. As far what its price goes, there is no price guide on the Biscayne, too rare. The price for a 1969 Impala hardtop coupe with a 327 is given as $11,266. This by Hagerty Classic Car Price Guide. I would not restore it. A car is only original once.
  7. It's for Ford Six Cylinder COE and Delivery trucks. 1950 - 51 F3 Parcel Delivery (H engine) and F5 and F6 COE (H engine).
  8. I can tell you that GM discontinued that part in November 1990.
  9. It looks like to me that these tanks were never used by a OEM, just aftermarket. See link a description of operation.
  10. You might try these people, SMS Auto Fabrics.
  11. The problem with it being 1942 Pontiac is that the bezel is different on the 1942. See photo.
  12. See this forum post.
  13. Herschell-Spillman also made a V-8 with 3" or 31/4 bore and 5" stroke. See link for an article on it.