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  1. Thanks for the information - I emailed you for the copy of the article and I'll reach out to the owner!
  2. I'd be interested in that as well...as I'm up here in the Northwest. I'll shoot you a quick email. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I'm looking for a headlight switch for my 1938 Studebaker Commander, and has a part number of #192559. Any leads would be great - I have looked at the major Studebaker dealers and found one (fairly expensive) one - just seeing what else might be out there...
  4. Has any work been done on the engine during the partial restoration? Can you include some images of that area of the car?
  5. Thanks for the information! I was thinking it was more of a handle at the end, but now see it is a knob - glad to see there is resource for replacements....and that they have a lot of other items I need as well! Thanks again!
  6. Hello all - I'm missing the handle off the vent arm that opens the vent mid cowl on my 1938 Studebaker Commander - and I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Anyone have a '38 that they could snap a picture of this handle so I know what to look for at the swap meets? This arm is mounted under the dash right next to the key/starter switch. Also, I'm looking for a replacement light fixture that mounted inside the trunk. Thanks! Robert
  7. i sure did - thanks! By the way-get well soon! Robert
  8. I just realized my first post was asking the wrong thing in the title! I'm looking for brake 'cores' for my 1938 Commander - lined or not! Also, if anyone has a cross-reference that might point me to an alternative that would be great if I can't locate correct version. Thanks for any leads! Robert Rose
  9. Looking for cores at the very least as I can always have them lined. I inherited the car from my dad and this is one of those parts that was 'misplaced' during many moves/projects! robert
  10. Hello all-I'm trying to locate brake shoes for a 1938 Studebaker Commander (front and rear). Anyone know where I might find some or have some for sale? thanks-Robert
  11. All - I've dropped this price to $17,000. PM me if you are interested.
  12. I'm looking for one for the front right (passenger side) of the vehicle. Do your sets also have the arm attached? I'd be interested in what cost you are thinking for them - I'll PM you with my email address. Robert
  13. Sorry - I was out of town for a little while without computer access. Still looking for a replacement, however i did contact Apple Hydraulics and he things he has what I need. Not sure what the part number is. Robert
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