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  1. I canot seem to get this top adjusted. It will not pick up the top off of the car without some help But after its about 10 inches off of the car it retracts all the way into the trunk fine. Then it will go up by itself. when trying to put it down it tries to bend the threaded rod that conects the two roof lift armscan anyone help ? thanks dag
  2. I am not very versed in computers and do not know if I am responding to my messages properly. Anyway I am looking for a 39 216 engine or a engine that will bolt up. I bought a 39 and after i week noticed a small antifreeze leak on the side of the block and determined I have a hairline crack. Therfore I am looking another block/complete engine/etc please call me if anyone can assist. Dan 815-693-5050 Thanks
  3. dag

    39' Chevy

    Needed a 6 cylinder engine to fit a 39' chevy, does anyone know of one or where i can look for one if so i would appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. I am intrested in a 6 cyl. engine. I tried to e-mail you but could not get thru to your e-mail. Please e-mail me at hunter1581@aol or call me at 815-693- 5050 Thank you
  5. I am looking for a 216 cubic inch 6 cylinder chevy engine. Can anybody please steer me in the right direction. The engine i have has a cracked block and at very least i need a good block to rebuild. Any 6 cylinder engine will do as long as it will bolt up? Ca anyone please help. My home email adress is hunter1581@aol.com. Thank you. DAG.
  6. hi, I have a 48 lincoln and just installed a new hyd. pump for convt. top and windows. The windows work fairly fast but the cylinders for the top seem to move slow.I have not had any of these operating since I purchased the car and am not sure if this is the normal speed for the top. It is taking aprox 15 to 20 seconds to fully extend the cylinders for the top with out any of the skelton put on yet.I am just now trying the cylinders with nothing connected to them yet. Is this the normal speed? con someone help me with this please Thank you DAG
  7. I have a 1948 Lincoln with a durapump brand hydralic pump for top and windows. Does anyone know ehere I con get a rebiuld kit,parts, or someone who can rebuild it ? thank you for any help
  8. I am looking for any info on a durapump for the power top of my48 lincoln.I have a durapump brand pump. It spins but does not pump. Can I buy a rebuild kit ? or send it to someone to have it rebuilt ? Thanks to anyone that can help
  9. having trouble with my starter solemoid switch on a 1948 lincoln I have a dash mounted starter button which only has a one wire conector.It appears to me when this button is pushed it grounds ou to the dash as the button is mounted there. Therfore the other end of this wire goes to the small terminal on the starter solenoid and grounds it out which trips the solenoid.This is backwards from every other solenoid I have ever worked on.Normally the small terminal needs a hot to engage the solenoid, not a ground.Does this car need a special solenoid? where can I get one ? Or am I missing something ? (a brain ) Can someone help ?