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  1. I received corespondence from the AACA as to my car was being considered for a special award from what the judges saw at the Charlotte show this past April-asking for additional pictures of my car to be sent in which I did......I am wondering what happened with this special award? how many cars got it?-anyone know??
  2. Completely restored and rebuilt correct original 9" rearend for 1965 Mustang 289 High Performance K code car. In 1965 they DID NOT offer a limited slip or locker so this one is correct being an Open differencial and comes with stock 3.50:1 ratio gears, includes everything including the breather hose, parking brake cables, brakes, everything but the car itself, ready to bolt in and use. $2000.00 PLUS SHIPPING from Palm Bay, Florida, 32909
  3. I don't know what type of pricing you will get in buying 500 sets of the shocks, any ideas as to what applications are covered? I think nowadays the market is soft for these as most folks use extra leaves in the springs or the newer air bags to gain height, and I never would recomend using an air shock to carry loads in a truck for fear they could blow out if too much weight was on them.
  4. No, But I WILL deliver it for .75 per mile 1 way from my place at 32909-looks to be a LUCKY number @ 777 miles, I could do less if you could find me something to haul back to Fl. Thanks! Rick
  5. My 1970 Ford Econoline 300 cargo van (panel) is back up for grabs: COMPLETELY FREE!!!!! JUST COME AND GET IT!!!! 1970 Ford Econoline 300 Cargo van I-6, C4, NO POWER STUFF: now for the bad: The darn aftermarket sunroof leaked and caused rust to the lower dash and upper areas above the windsheild and windsheild pilliars, the rest of the body is not in bad shape at all considering its age-even the drip rails are not that bad at all, and I have loaded it up with lots of spare parts to include a complete set of original seats and bases, set of early Dodge Caravan buckets and rear seat, extra rims b
  6. I see alot of them mounted on grilles, I need to somehow mount mine before my next competition......
  7. Hi, I recently entered my car at the Charlotte show and won my first junior award. I have ordered and received the badge holders and I can see holes in them for mounting but am unsure what to use.... Anyone have a suggestion as to what I should use to mount the badge to the holder and the holder to the grille?? Thanks!
  8. This van, full of extra parts with a clamp-on tow bar can be picked up for only $150.00 (One Hundred Fifty Dollars) ready to go with title!! Come and get it!!
  9. I have a 1970 Ford Econoline 300 cargo van for sale, and lots of extra parts. It currently has an I6 engine which I believe is a later 300CI and a C4 automatic trans. The van is a little rusty but in my opinion fixable-I will send pictures on request. Please consider the logistics before commiting to buy, I am in Florida on the east coast about 35 miles south of KSC where they launch the Space Shuttles from-in Palm Bay. I do want this van to go to a good home!! I am open to offers!!! Thanks!! direct email:rbarkley1@cfl.rr.com
  10. I am going to have a 24' enclosed trailer built to haul both my 1965 Mustang and my Wife's 1957 Belair in (separatly) and was wondering about these so called side escape doors on the drivers side of the trailer that I have seen on some.....I have never used an enclosed trailer so I really don't know if they are nessessary or not and would appreciate some opinions....Thanks!
  11. Thanks all!!!! Great info here!!!! and I believe the general idea is that one should stay away from any tire, be it car, truck, or trailer that is made in China!! Around where I live there is limited availability on trailer tires, I CAN get Goodyear Marathons at Sam's (special order) and "some" off/private label brands from the likes of Tire Kingdom, Tires Plus, and the like....
  12. Thanks!! Jay.......thats what I have on my 18' oper trailer-Carlises....
  13. I am looking for a NICE or restored 1965 BREVARD COUNTY FLORIDA license plate to register and use on my 1965 Mustang. I would like a "19 plain" tag either a NON used or a recent restored plate that YOU will guarantee that the state will authenticate for use on my car! Thanks!
  14. 400: You should sign up with Uship, at www.uship.com and start out locally to get some good feedback, then you could run basicly anywhere you want to, BTW is your truck a Ford?? if so please join us over at www.ford-trucks.com great folks there just like the forums on the AACA site!!
  15. I am looking at having a 24' 10,400gvw enclosed trailer built to haul our 1957 Chevy and 1965 Mustang around, and using a 15" tire by the way of ST22575R15, on a 6 lug 15" aluminum wheel. I have read some on the tires that are available for this, and think that everyone feels that the GOODYEAR MARATHON load range D is the best one to run.......any comments or suggestions??
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