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  1. Is there wireless at Hershey for my laptop?
  2. What a great meet. It was easy to get to all the various venues and parking was never a problem. Hats off to all involved in pulling off a top shelf event. Just goes to show what a great organization AACA is and its members. For me the high point was Steve Moskowitz's 1903 curved dash Olds. Not only did I get to see it I had the pleasure to judge it too, what an unexpected treat! The reason I judge is I get to see some outstanding cars up close and personal and Steve's was sure one. Thanks to all for such an outstanding meet. Well done.
  3. The AARP mag is the one I can fully read between the mailbox and the house, ALL ads with maybe two total pages of not ads. At least the car mags push most of the ads to the back. They do help when you are looking for something and they help pay for the mag
  4. What's next, a cadillac lasalle dump truck? Maybe a '64 4x4 Mustang station wagon. You know anything can be put together. Now as to Hershey Mud let me check, I am sure I still have some somewhere seeing as it was EVERYWHERE. Yes I think "tribute car" is best I would every give it
  5. Where are the kids with the carts when you want them. best find on the flea market. When you got to go........
  6. For what it's worth I believe he had a space in the red field
  7. Here's you change to have a most unique stained glass candle holder made with a Model 'A' tail light lens.I made it from a lens leftover from my '31s restor. A true one candle power light. It's about 4"square and 4" high. Just the thing to light your table at night at Hershey. Ebay auction # 230347293323 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1928-29-3...sQ5fAccessories
  8. A most excellent show and a great time judging. Here's a link to my photos http://photobucket.com/Gettysburg-2009 note the mud one
  9. I was fortune to have worked in Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth dealerships in the late '60s -early '70s so I know exactly what new cars looked straight from the factory. I set the new cars up for the first owners and few cars on the show fields meet the standard I saw. Most way up ,some way done, few in the middle
  10. I know it's the last minuet but it looks like I will make the Gettysburg meet tomorrow and I want to judge Saturday so what's the drill? I hope the weather is dryer in Gettysburg then it is here in Maine.
  11. If you are at Hershey this year I will bring it and a copy for you
  12. Yes,"Takeoffs are optional,landings are mandatory". The nose gear collapsed upon landing. I wanted the prop off of the P2-V when that nose strut broke while taxing but missed it. At least this one fits on the garage. The Navy was good to me
  13. Man, they changed the word "s**t", changes the whole meaning
  14. I had a "poopoo box" once, does that count?
  15. Here's my garage in Maine and my mailbox, what a load of junk!
  16. It's a toss up, my 1957 Ranchero with a 428 SCJ I build from the ground up or the 1971 Yellow Ranchero GT 351 I bought new and ran it well over 100,000 miles before the tin worm had it's way and I sold it to finance a cross county trip on my (then) new 1976 KZ900 Kawasaki
  17. Let's tell the whole story here. You need a PA transient vendor certificate number before Hershey will sell you a space. It is a license to collect PA sales taxes. go to http://www.revenue.state.pa.us/. when you get the may/june issue send the request card for Hershey spaces in as fast as you can but YOU NEED A PA TAX NUMBER to get a space. They ask for it on the request form. chances are you will get a spot, it's first come first served.
  18. The early 70s was the last of the non emissions cars. my technology ends around there But I have owned or/and worked on cars from the 30s, to the 70s, and I mean every phase of auto work. My "A" is my resume. I even have an Allen test center that was lightly used at High School auto shop before it went out of style. I think to start small and see if it grows, who knows, those suction cup headlight aligners might see use again
  19. Just a thought for a business in my retirement. I would only take on cars from say 71 and older. I have the place and tools and of course the ability having worked as a mechanic in the 60's and 20 odd years as a aircraft mechanic in the Navy. My '31 Model A is done and the '64 Comet cyclone is on the rotator waiting it's turn. I just wonder if there is a market for an antique garage in Maine. Comments and thoughts please.
  20. I have my first car, it's a 1931 "A" Tudor. My father bought it for me for my 16th birthday in 1960. He paid $115 for it. Best present I ever got. And I have a good story of how NOT to restore a car Hint: DON"T take it apart until you need to. Dan
  21. Magazines can't be sent by USPS media mail but they can go by parcel post. "media mail may not contain advertising..." I just mailed out a box of magazines and found out all about it. Dan
  22. Any way for me to post scans of the prospectus? Or email addresses to send to?
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