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  1. I need to order them, who do you use?
  2. Due to a communication mix-up porta pottys were not ordered for Hershey. Is there a list of companies I can contact for this very important product? I hope at this late date some are still left in Pa somewhere. Dan
  3. Thanks for the answer
  4. Does anyone know where wireless with be available. I will be on the red field and in the past the Giant Center was the only place with wifi. Thanks, Dan
  5. I will be living on the red field and would like to know where I can fill my water jugs? Thanks, Dan
  6. here you go- 502 937 8968 Louisville, Kentucky
  7. The question is how can it be a nine time 1st place winner at Hershey?
  8. In the Jan/Feb '14 issue of MAFCA's Restorer magazine is an ad for a 1931 Ford Model A pickup that is listed as a "Nine time 1st place winner at Hershey, Pennsylvania." As a AACA judge I wonder how the seller can claim that. If the pickup was judged as shown in the photo in the ad I see a number of deductions that would put even one "1st place" in jeopardy. I believe the claim to be misleading to say the least.
  9. Thanks for the lead. It seems to be a 1906 Franklin model D
  10. I live in South Berwick, Maine and received this email from the Old Berwick Historical Society and am hoping someone can identify this car. I will be taking my restored 1931 Model A Tudor to the Cummings House for show and tell. I think it is very important to introduce antique cars to as many young people as possible. "Hello Dan, Patti Mitchem at the Land Trust gave me your name as a possible source for an antique car to show during a local history walking tour for school children next May. I work for the Old Berwick Historical Society planning the event, called the Hike through History, al
  11. Circumstances have come up that means I can't make the Reading meet. How do I cancel the judging I signed up for?
  12. Just signed up, see you there
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