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  1. In earlier years, selling parts for the Reatta was enjoyable and inwardly rewarding; however, now not so much. I will be age 87 in a few months and that, plus medical issues, persuade me that I should close shop. My website was closed down earlier in the month. Time now to spend more time with the grandchildren! Kingsley
  2. Waddy - thanks, appreciate your comments. For folks who work with these motors and parts every day the process is fairly easy. However, for folks who do it probably once in a Reatta lifetime I can well understand how this repair work can be a bit perplexing and frustrating. Now that you have "graduated" you are now ready to undertake, with confidence, some new repair and maintenance items that will inevitably show up! Fortunately, there is a good bit of repair and maintenance info that is available. In addition to the Packing List I always include two pages over and
  3. My installation instructions specifically refer to "8-32 1/4" Hex Head Machine Screws" with, of course, the 8-32 referring to the machine screw thread. The screws that secure the brush holder to the lower housing are 6-40. Also, referring to an earlier thread, from my experience I find it nececessary to remove the rim between only four of the white nylon gear teeth to give ample clearance when re-installing the motor shaft/flange/white gear in the passenger side motor. Kingsley Baker www.reattaspecialtyparts.com - Headlight motor repair kits and sun visor clips
  4. David - I can speak only for the Tops On Line offering and I am sure that it is a bona fide EZ On replacement top - it is advertised as such on their website. The $1750 Canadian figure, if it includes only the cost of the top and freight seems inordinately high. Per their website, base cost of the Stayfast cloth top with heated rear glass window is $790.00 US. While not specifically addressed in their ad, I am sure that does not include any freight cost. If my recall is correct, EZ On ships by UPS next day to US destinations at a cost of around $35.00 bucks or so and certainly your freight
  5. The Haartz folks addressed only the difference in vinyl material. Initially the material was 4ply; however it has now been changed to just 2 ply for ease of manufacture. They do not measure the thickness but measure by weight with the 2 ply being just slightly lighter. They state no significant variations between the two with respect to tearing of splitting. Kingsley Reatta Specialty Parts
  6. Sounds like a good question to bounce off of the folks at company Haartz who make/use both of these materials - and I will do that. 17 Minutes later and an email has been addressed to Haartz corporate in Massachusetts questioning physical properties of their Pinpoint Vinyl as made in 1990/1991 and currently as well as same properties of their Stayfast Cloth v. their Pinpoint Vinvl. Their reply should be interesting. Kingsley http://www.reattaspecialtyparts.com
  7. To add a bit - Several years ago one entity (said to be a South American company) purchased Robbins Tops. Robbins in turn purchased EZ On and following that a California company by the name of GAHH. Now one big family. It will be interesting to see the overall impact as they start minimizing the overlap of model offerings among the three current manufacturers. Kingsley http://www.reattaspecialtyparts.com
  8. The EZ On brand of convertible top is by far the most popular replacement top for the Reatta convertible. There are two EZ On distributors who are now selling these tops on the internet. They are www.cabrioworld.com and www.topsonline.com. Cabrio World is a Bill Hirsch operation and is well known in automotive circles. Tops On Line is perhaps not as well known but I have worked with them on one occasion - EZ On did not offer a headliner at that time. The service I received was most acceptable and I am aware of other folks who have used them with similar results. I
  9. I have exchanged emails with Padgett and, being some 60 miles inland, he feels pretty secure. Having been through 200 mph Camille in Gulfport, MS, back in '69 or so, I really have some concern for the coastal Florida (and northward) folks. My prayers go out for all of them Kingsley www.reattaspecialtyparts.com
  10. Thanks, appreciate your comments. As I do not own a Reatta, and the accumulator that I purchased had served itself well for diagnostic purposes, , I spoke with Memo and he was quite willing to take it back. Return shipping by UPS was only $16.32 and they refunded my $185.00 purchase price within three days. Put their customer service together with a competitive purchase price for their accumulator and it makes a pretty good package. Kingsley Baker www.reattaspecialtyparts.com
  11. Tom - "Like the knob was spinning on the shaft" - the manual control knob is a splined fit on the armature shaft and, addressing this issue only, there is a slight chance that the knob has rounded out. If you think this might be part of the problem, at least in diagnosing the overall problem, I do have new knobs and will be glad to send you one with minimal hurt. To do so must have your ship to address. Beyond this, would still appear that you have other issues. Kingsley Baker Reatta Specialty Parts - (855) REATTAS
  12. Here is the latest. Barmey has previously posted the dimensions of the OE part. Jim Finn has has now confirmed to me some of the imprinted information from one of his OE accumulator and I will refer to these as "OE" part. I am giving the ID of "SUB 1" to the part that I bought in California that is said to work with the TEVES Mar II ABS used on the '88/'90 Reattas. I measure the height of SUB 1 to be .110" greater than the OE part.which is shown as 4.575". A minimal difference and my measurement could be off that much. The diameters are the same, 3.300". Overall figures includ
  13. Further information should be available later on this evening or tomorrow morning. I am told that the precharge is 1000 PSI and I have asked for a copy of the manufacturer's spec sheet. Vendor says that he has at least 25 of them in inventory and is to check and see if additional available. Also says he regularly sells the Hydac units and is to give me a price quote for them. It is not my intention to be evasive in the way I approach this but just want to know what the full specs of the accumulator so that buyers can make their own judgement as to its compatibility
  14. I am guardedly optimistic that we have an acceptable part. It's physical dimensions are very close to those of the OE part that Barney has previously outlined. Physical size closeness alone is just part of the criteria and we will be checking in the morning to get info as to nitrogen pre-charge, max working pressure etcetera of the part. I am able to cipher "210 BAR" from the imprint on the side but beyond that it is impossible to glean anything. It does have the hex section on the dome and the thread appears to be 14mm. Keep thy fingers crossed. I will be in touch with the ve
  15. Thanks, appreciate your efforts. UPS should deliver early evening an accumulator that I recently purchased. "Said to" work nicely with the Reatta but I am a bit dubious.as to the proper accommodation. Paid $210 for it with full agreement to take it back if it does not work. I will know better when I have it in my hands and will report then. Kingsley Reatta Speciaty Parts
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