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  1. Thanks, appreciate your comments. As I do not own a Reatta, and the accumulator that I purchased had served itself well for diagnostic purposes, , I spoke with Memo and he was quite willing to take it back. Return shipping by UPS was only $16.32 and they refunded my $185.00 purchase price within three days. Put their customer service together with a competitive purchase price for their accumulator and it makes a pretty good package. Kingsley Baker www.reattaspecialtyparts.com
  2. Here is the latest. Barmey has previously posted the dimensions of the OE part. Jim Finn has has now confirmed to me some of the imprinted information from one of his OE accumulator and I will refer to these as "OE" part. I am giving the ID of "SUB 1" to the part that I bought in California that is said to work with the TEVES Mar II ABS used on the '88/'90 Reattas. I measure the height of SUB 1 to be .110" greater than the OE part.which is shown as 4.575". A minimal difference and my measurement could be off that much. The diameters are the same, 3.300". Overall figures includ
  3. Further information should be available later on this evening or tomorrow morning. I am told that the precharge is 1000 PSI and I have asked for a copy of the manufacturer's spec sheet. Vendor says that he has at least 25 of them in inventory and is to check and see if additional available. Also says he regularly sells the Hydac units and is to give me a price quote for them. It is not my intention to be evasive in the way I approach this but just want to know what the full specs of the accumulator so that buyers can make their own judgement as to its compatibility
  4. I am guardedly optimistic that we have an acceptable part. It's physical dimensions are very close to those of the OE part that Barney has previously outlined. Physical size closeness alone is just part of the criteria and we will be checking in the morning to get info as to nitrogen pre-charge, max working pressure etcetera of the part. I am able to cipher "210 BAR" from the imprint on the side but beyond that it is impossible to glean anything. It does have the hex section on the dome and the thread appears to be 14mm. Keep thy fingers crossed. I will be in touch with the ve
  5. Thanks, appreciate your efforts. UPS should deliver early evening an accumulator that I recently purchased. "Said to" work nicely with the Reatta but I am a bit dubious.as to the proper accommodation. Paid $210 for it with full agreement to take it back if it does not work. I will know better when I have it in my hands and will report then. Kingsley Reatta Speciaty Parts
  6. In an August 6 thread by "flajunkie" entitled "1990 Brake Issue" (slightly earlier than this thread) post No. 33 by Barney laid out in detail the dimensions of the OE accumulator. The sensitive dimension for the Reatta accumulator is the height which is shown at 4.075" from top to the start of the threads. The threaded section is, if my recall of his drawing is correct, about .5", so you have an overall of 4.575" with this figure being modified (decreased) by the depth of the threads used in the install. Perhaps someone with an OE part can give the net overall actual figure.
  7. That is my NEW DESIGN crank arm on the right and I am rather proud of it. We now CNC machine it from alloy steel billet stock and this allows full contact will the flat sections on the motor shaft. Also note the injection molded thermoplastic rubber impact bumper on the end. A pretty good part if I do say so! Kingsley www.reattaspecialtyparts.com
  8. Ronnie - sorry, but do not feel that I have made any posts on this subject.over the years. Kingsley Reatta Specialty Parts - Headlight Motor Repair Kits for all year models, sun visor clips and EZ On replacement tops for the Convertibles
  9. Daniel - I have sent you a PM for two sets. Kingsley Baker Reatta Specialty Parts
  10. Dave - as I have mentioned all along I have no financial interest whatsoever in the Spinningwheels-sc products. I do feel, however, that Reatta owners should have access to readily available parts at reasonable prices.and that is what drives me here.. I am content to get my financial reward through the parts that I sell through Ebay and my website www.reattaspecialty parts. Top quality parts sold at very reasonable prices when compared to the competition. Kingsley
  11. I received a phone call this afternoon from the folks at Spinningwheels-sc this afternoon advising that their next stock shipment of the HYDAC accumulator is due in around December 16th. Their website indicates that you are able to put your name on their waiting list with no payment due until the part is shipped. Phone contact is (352) 732-5013 and email address is www..Spinningwheels-sc@earthlink.net. They did not indicate any price increase so price would remain at $155.00 plus shipping from Florida. Kingsley Baker
  12. Please see Dave89's comments in his post number 171 a bit earlier. Lest there be some questions implied about the HYDAC accumulator sold by Spinningwheels-sc. note that this accumulator has been sold since 2010 and used, most satisfactorily, by a wide variety of GM, Ford and Chrysler car users. It is sold from very current stock. Strictly speaking, I do not believe there are any accumulators being sold today that have specifications that match the OE parts. For example, the OE accumulator had an imprinted volume of 15 cubic inches whereas all units sold today, unless Marck's is an exce
  13. Dave - in a previous post believe you sold three NOS accumulators for several hundred dollars each and was able to buy Marck's for $350.00. There are not a lot of Reatta owners out there who can match what you did and that is why I mention the Spinningwheels HYDAC accumulator for $155. This entire thread was started over the high $350 price of accumjulators. Kingsley
  14. Spinningwheels-sc.com, the initial vendor of the Hydac accumulators mentioned here previously, are currently of out stock due primarily to the interest shown by Reatta owners. They do have inventory on order and expect delivery soon. They suggest that, if you have a need, you place your order and no payment is due until the parts are shipped. Their price remains $155 plus shipping. Contact info: Phone (352) 732-5013 Fax (352) 732-6537 Email Spinningwheels-sc@earthlink.net Kingsley
  15. Marck My involvement in this matter has been soley to bring information to all Reatta owners relating to the availability of aftermarket accumulators that are compartible with the TEVES Mark !! unit used in Reattas 1988-1990. Commencing with the first post, a lot of attention was drawn to the high prices of the only afermarket part offered by you. Within a day or two
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