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  1. My 34 has no turn signals at all. No switch or dash wiring. I want to keep it 6 volt also.
  2. Are there any turn signal kits that are wireless? I wanna be safe whilst driving my Buick!!
  3. Project finished ! Test drove it & it is Sweet! Car likes 60!Smooth , quiet, a joy to drive!! Thanx Lloyd!! & Robt For selling it to me!! Tom
  4. WOW,WOW,WOW! I just drove this car for the first time (other than 1block to put it away) What a sweet car! Tested out my new Lloyd Young o.d. and the car feels right at 60!!Smooth ,quiet, easy. To steer. Thanx Bob &Thanx Lloyd! Hope to put many miles on this summer. Tom
  5. It took longer to get the rear shoes re_lined than the O.D. Conversion!! Picking them up this am & then I can test drive it!!
  6. My new favorite. 1934 model, 57 this is the day it arrived!!
  7. Why don't you have the axles redrilled to fit your original wheels?
  8. Snowed 7"the day my 34 was delivered. Had to unload it across the highway as my road was not yet plowed. Drove it home as soon as it was plowed. Neighbour took these as I drove by.
  9. I just read this thread again & realize how lucky I am to have a leave spring set up. Only had to remove u bolts on springs,( left shock links hooked to spring plate, )brake cables, rear cover, push axles in, 4 bolts on front of tube. Then bolts on center section.torsion bars at tube(2 nuts) Slid it back on springs,drop front down, slide unit FWD.&out. Walla!! 1 hr. Later done!!
  10. Pulled it out & shipped on Wed. Lloyd is working on it on today!!
  11. Lloyd received it today & is already working on it!!!
  12. pulled it out this am, ( 1 hour)built crate($7.50 home depot bargin bin, 70% off!!) shipped, by 2pm!!
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