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  1. Casper Friedrich

    american oldtimer from cuba 4 out of a lot

    1956 model with custom wheels and no orginal paint... Second year the tri-Chevy. (Aka 1955, 1956 and 1957) Bel Air hade became the top-level Chevy in 1953, before that (1950-52) only the two-door hardtops were called Bel Airs.
  2. Casper Friedrich

    Brass era car

    A French De Dion Bouton 8 cv, made from 1902 onwards.
  3. Casper Friedrich

    Cool photo. Pre-1920 touring

    A French Darracq
  4. Casper Friedrich

    Berlin in 1930 from British Pathe Films

    Interesting to compare it with the 1927 film Berlin: Die Symphonie der Grossstadt
  5. Casper Friedrich

    What is this car?

    BTW: the man standing in the back of the car and greets the crowds is the then newly elected president Francisco Madero. Photo was taken in Cuernavaca, June 1911 I have seen a picture with him riding in the very same car entering Mexico City the following month
  6. Exactly a hundred years ago from today the Austrian magazine Allgemaine Automobile-Zeitung publiced a feature of the Viennese coachbuilder Keilb. (builder of early Porsche 356 convertibles) They especially mentioned that the headlights were integrated with the front fenders: My first thought was a poor man's Pierce-Arrow!
  7. Casper Friedrich


    Manchester built Crossley:
  8. Casper Friedrich

    American in Scotland ??

    1923 Columbia Six:
  9. Casper Friedrich

    Flat tire car w 1914 California Plate

    Too big for a Flanders, wrong radiator
  10. Casper Friedrich

    Help identify rear window for touring car

  11. Richard Schwartz had been a motorist since 1899. Some of his friends looked down on him when he got a Model T. He decided to improve it, so it wouldn't be ashamed among noble European marques. His version had lower and more stylish bodies than the American original. But the most important modifications were under the hood:New pistons, Bosch magneto, -starter and lighting.
  12. Casper Friedrich

    Wisto is good for your health

    After googling on Chevrolet I think it could be a 1922 Series 490
  13. Casper Friedrich

    Wisto is good for your health

    I think that it's a bit earlier than the Whippet, introduced for 1926.
  14. Casper Friedrich

    Davis Automobile ?

    Apparently not the model of this wreck, but in 1922 Davis had a roadster named Man O' War.
  15. Casper Friedrich

    1904 Model H.

    Browsing through Austrian national libray's digitalized Österreischer Motor-der Flug I found a bluprint for the aircooled Ford model H. ÖNB-ANNO - Österreichischer/Europa Motor Never heard of that prototype before. The quote from Horseless Age doesn't mention that it never saw production. BTW The same 1925 issue had a feature on the contemporary Morton & Brett speedster: ÖNB-ANNO - Österreichischer/Europa Motor