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  1. Apologies if this post treads old ground! Please advise locations chassis (Car) and body numbers on a 8-90/95 Auburn? Firewall tag is missing. Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much for the excellent advice! Our aim is to weather beige Stayfast as per the attached. In so doing, the trimmer should be able to work his magic which brings up the issue of the black binding. Or whether to have the pieces made prior to the weathering process?
  3. I am restoring an original 1930s convertible sedan which will require a new top and top boot. Because the vehicle has old paint, plating and interior, I don't want to use new top material. I wonder if anyone out there has some left over top material in either black or beige? Alternatively, suggestions for weathering new material to appear old? Thanks in advance!
  4. FOR SALE: 1924 Model A Duesenberg custom boattail Speedster. Built by an ACD Club member whose companion Model A Touring scored at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours. Original matching numbers chassis, engine and drive train with original firewall tag. Original Duesenberg fenders and hood coupled with a no expense spared aluminum body and rear deck by noted sheet metal craftsman Marcel De Ley. Custom mahogany shiplap trim to the rear compartment. Rare Stephen Grebel headlamps. Solid bronze windshield frames. Newly cast stainless steel exhaust manifold. Newly cast bronze up
  5. Original color scheme as per its debut at eh 1927 Chicago Auto Salon.
  6. The rare and highly coveted Model X Duesenberg served as a transition model between the race-bred Model A (1921-1926) and the mighty Model J (1929-1937). Industry executive E.L. Cord had just acquired Duesenberg and wished to enter the market with a competitive vehicle prior to the launch of the J in December, 1928. Only 13 Model Xs were constructed from which just four are known to exist. This surviving example 1927 Duesenberg X Dual Cowl Phaeton was originally shown at the 1927 Chicago Auto Salon wearing impeccably proportioned dual-cowl phaeton coachwork by Locke of Rochester, N
  7. Correct. That was a 70s restoration with bulky coachwork. Ours is much prettier, in my view, and is a one off custom design by Fleetwood.
  8. 1922 Duesenberg Model A Custom Fleetwood "Doctor's Coupe." ACD Certified, restored, over $60K recently spent full engine rebuild. Show winner. $249,900. Click here for full description, video and photo gallery.
  9. I would like to inquire if any members have photos of the 1952 Glidden Tour? In particular, a 1925 Rolls Royce Piccadilly. Thanks!
  10. Matt, thanks for the info! I had trouble operating a mid rise Bendpak scissors lift on 110V. Fine when starting at ground level, but tripped the breaker when attempting to increase rise from a lower position. Guess the extra load was too much.
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