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  1. DOUG, it's only a matter of time before Apple releases the iCar. It'll be lovely to look at and delightful to use. However, it will only last exactly 3.25 years before it's rendered obsolete and must be returned to the maker for recycling. A shiny new iCar v.2 will be waiting for you. Good work on your basement cleanup. I've been through a similar experience, cleaning out my ex-wife's garage as we get her house ready for sale. Lots of potential projects went onto the junk heap. I thought I'd removed all my Buick parts earlier this year but I did find a couple more boxes, including some precious NOS trim bits. They're now squirrelled away in my garage, where they will continue to gather dust.
  2. YIKES! I've never seen such a brutal (effective nevertheless) method of removing an instrument cluster. But there you have you answer, of which wires go where. I'm curious - what are they asking for these entrails?
  3. MARK, as Jim says, some photos would help jog some memories. I pulled the air conditioning system out of a parts car and installed it in my Roadmaster. However, that was 25 years ago and I can't tell you whether the knobs were held in by Allen screws, spring clips, or pixie dust. I'll try to remember to have a look tomorrow. VINTAGE_BARRY, I think BuickJim gave you the correct answer. Thanks how I remember these things coming apart - the knobs themselves hold the trim in place.
  4. Good thread and good progress, too. You've come to the right place to get expert advice on authenticity,
  5. I'm very pleased to have resumed reading this excellent thread and catch up on your awesome progress. Apparently the preservation vs. restoration debate didn't last long for you. Sorry, BuickJim, here's another non-convert to the "keep 'em running while you fix 'em" philosophy. Nice work, great photos, with a very literate play-by-play description.
  6. I'm glad to see lots of activity on this thread, as well as hearing about the activity in Mike's shop. Wood is Good!
  7. Aww, I was hoping for some skinned knuckles stories. So the lump is back in place and getting ready to fire. Good for you on work well and quickly done.
  8. The beauty of the varnished wood outweighs the wackiness of the paint colour. Great job, Mike and Alex!
  9. I can feel a stream of pictures coming next week... Good luck with the re-install.
  10. Nice bling. That appears to be the same moulding that the standard Roadmaster uses, although with a 3-part crest instead of the 75 script.
  11. Ah, the varnish... It's the icing on the cake, although I like the temporary look of bare wood, too.
  12. Pete sent me the complete A/C grille. Where else but on this forum would a guy find such a rare part?
  13. Oops, I guess because the ribbed mouldings usually reflect the pavement, I thought the lower part of your car was painted dark brown. I like it even better now!
  14. There's a long thread somewhere on these forums, regarding the cursed '57 Buick vacuum pumps. Despite all the discussion, the result is that there's nothing to be done about a worn pump, except to find a better, low-mileage replacement. Or, do what countless owners have done and seal off the vacuum line and make do with engine vacuum alone to operate the windshield wipers.
  15. I'm this close to being in your situation, with a running car. Must get back out there.
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