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  1. DOUG, it's only a matter of time before Apple releases the iCar. It'll be lovely to look at and delightful to use. However, it will only last exactly 3.25 years before it's rendered obsolete and must be returned to the maker for recycling. A shiny new iCar v.2 will be waiting for you. Good work on your basement cleanup. I've been through a similar experience, cleaning out my ex-wife's garage as we get her house ready for sale. Lots of potential projects went onto the junk heap. I thought I'd removed all my Buick parts earlier this year but I did find a couple more boxes, including some preci
  2. Good thread and good progress, too. You've come to the right place to get expert advice on authenticity,
  3. I'm very pleased to have resumed reading this excellent thread and catch up on your awesome progress. Apparently the preservation vs. restoration debate didn't last long for you. Sorry, BuickJim, here's another non-convert to the "keep 'em running while you fix 'em" philosophy. Nice work, great photos, with a very literate play-by-play description.
  4. Nice bling. That appears to be the same moulding that the standard Roadmaster uses, although with a 3-part crest instead of the 75 script.
  5. There's a long thread somewhere on these forums, regarding the cursed '57 Buick vacuum pumps. Despite all the discussion, the result is that there's nothing to be done about a worn pump, except to find a better, low-mileage replacement. Or, do what countless owners have done and seal off the vacuum line and make do with engine vacuum alone to operate the windshield wipers.
  6. I'm this close to being in your situation, with a running car. Must get back out there.
  7. "I hate electrical gremlins, not my thing!" Ditto on that. The underhood snake's nest of brittle insulated wiring is a real challenge for me. However I don't even own a meter, even after 40 years of considering myself to be a car guy. A test light is the extent of my diagnostic equipment. Somehow it's got me this far, with only one significant fire situation in my past.
  8. Wow, too bad about all that valve train damage but it sounds like you're on the path to getting it right again. It'll be great if you can reuse your pistons in the original bores. Please keep the photos coming.
  9. DOUG, I've missed a few pages of this thread - must do some catching-up - but it's good to see that you're spending time in the garage. That Nash is a wonderful old beast, with a very cheesy smile.
  10. ADAM, it is so cool that you found the factory paint combination under the sweepspear moulding. LANCE, I think I've hinted before that I'm not so fond of the colours on your car. These original tints look so much better together!
  11. The '57 Buick sales order sheet that's made the rounds of this forum indicates that the wheel "felloes" could be optionally painted Tangerine. I take that to mean that only the exterior outer rim would be thus painted, similar to Paul's example. BUICKMAN, how are your original wheels painted - entirely Tangerine or just part of the exterior?
  12. LANCE, ADAM, i am so jealous of the project that you have started. Once you get the new paint applied, my '57 Roadmaster will be at the same stage. The stainless trim needs to be polished - a Smartin specialty - and all the die-cast needs to be reinstalled. I have a handful of NOS trim pieces but most of it is "good enough" for my standards. I'll be following this one closely.
  13. I do love Buick wagons. This one looks to have a great body but you've got a lot of glass to find. You mentioned the bumpers were inside for the ride home. Is there any interior, at least to serve as a pattern? Thanks for a good start to a long story.
  14. John, this car would even look great with no wheels and tires. While I'm partial to the grandfather look, the rally wheels and blackwalls are great. I've had a couple of West Coast cars - my dd Valiant is one - so I know what you mean about nuts that just spin off. It adds real pleasure to otherwise mundane mechanical work.
  15. Sounds great! Just a combination of little problems prevented the car from starting. Good luck with the inspection process.
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