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  1. gboy the 23 are different the 23 rolls outward and the wheel base is 114 the 24 0n are116 wheel base and the splash apron are "bent"as to say over the frame . Vern
  2. The engine u have is a 128 model this engine has 5 main bearings with 6 volt two unit system This engine is alsso known as The "fast 4". You should have front brakes system ands 4 engine mounts.Also the clutch is a single plate system. The transmation shift is like the model A transmation 1st is left down 2nd is up right 3rd will be stright down from 2nd. post some picures of it would love to see them. Vern
  3. the Dist shaft should have a spinal grove on it for grease flo to the bottom of the shaft.Have rebuilt many of these dist useing our alum base top. Vern
  4. Doug, I have ask Jonh Bitterence the very same Question He was lost for a complete awns.He said that he has seen many engines colors on orginial engines. The best way to tell what you engine was is when you start removeing parts suich as Tranny valve covers bell houseing look for over spray.Another good place is under the timing chain cover. Good luck Vern
  5. Romar has all even can do the rebuilt.Not cheap but will do it right. Vern
  6. Hello DCE, Sorry not to see your q,on the dB site.The 1920 were brown for the front and runing boards the rear floor were carpet. Vern
  7. Thanks 1930.No I removed the pass side for a look see must be a job removeing what is left and installing new ones. Vern
  8. Bad Bad got below advage 60% Vern.
  9. Got 100% Not bad for a Dodge Brother dealer :}
  10. Hello, Has any one out there have a pair of doorlatch springs for the DA. I open the door the Driver side r the other day and "Snap" Vern
  11. We have 1937 Dodge Brothers two door touring sedan that we have driven 19k miles in 6 years of owenship. We will be traveling to Moline Ill. from Titusville Pa. takeing route 30 (Lincon Hyway) all the way. Vern.
  12. If it was me I'd sent out the cylinders to be reseve this will out last any new cylinder on the market. vern
  13. The Late Bob Long told me one time that this was one lock that there was no key blanks available.His suggestion if one had such a key is to unlock the tranny then thow away the key as one couldn't get a replacement if the key came up missing. Vern
  14. Yes the "Drag" is nomal as the packing is new and needs to be run in,also to tighten the packing just tighten a litttle at a time until leak stops.Word on packing There's wrong packing that will ware a grove in the shaft in time.Good luck. Vern
  15. Thank you susan.I knew that I could count on you for a reply. Vern
  16. 1930 you should get the dvd on the DB factory from the DB store You may change your mine about Yellow material.
  17. Speaking of bolt heads I was told once that silver paint on the bolt heads were accepted as natual finish is that true? Vern
  18. It is my understanding that one has to receive a first jr. before a senior is awarded.So if this was your first showing then you could be good to go for a senior PLEase correct me if I'm wrong. Vern
  19. Here's another way they use these cars HEY HEY I DID IT INSTALL PICTURE ON HERE
  20. The .011and .012 seting would be right for cold engine.This is where we set them on start up on a freshly rebuilt engine,and never yet had to rejust. Vern
  21. I have known many 55,56,57 chevy 2 dr Hard top made into a converable.is this consered coln? Vern
  22. no it was left natual.BUT if it didn't clean up well one can buy cold Gav.paint from McMaster Carr.Visit ROMAR Home Page scroll down to "our work"page there's a real detail engine that you can see the results. Vern
  23. Sorry 1930 But it seems like if one fines an errior then there could be others.
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