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  1. "red and green Afried to Be Seen" Was my grand mothers saying.
  2. This could be the valve seals that fit on the valve stems>. Best is to remove the valve cover pans for a look see. Vern
  3. I watch that too.the guy that apprised it put the price somthing like 6500.00-10 grand.The cloth uphousting could be right for a deluxe sedan only the Business sedan were leather. Lets face it guys this is a business add 1500.00 for the up grade you have 9 grand so if they do sale it for 10 grand it's only a grand profit Not a very good return on the total investment.
  4. Hey Buy it do what needs to be done to get it running drive it for a while then sale it if you don't like it a driveable car will bring more then one not and also sale faster. Vern
  5. chris, It may help if you would back off the adjusters.Then with hammer bang on the brake drum.This will jar the shoes if they are rusted to the drum. Good Luck Vern
  6. You are looking at a 1924 or later since he 23 hood had no louvers and was on 114 wheel base 1924 an later were 116 wheel base. Just keep in mine Dodge Brothers are not very hight $$$ car.There's been a 1917 roadster in the DB news for over 2 years restored for 12,950 no takers yet.Good luck. Vern
  7. Well the Dodge Brthers were know to tip a few. If there's no record of what the logo stands for.Why not
  8. Is it possible that the Brothers were tooling around with the thought of a emblem came up with the interlock DB then one said to the other "looks to plain" so the "glope" inter the picture Then one would say "Yeah" then to set off every thing The "triangles were added."Yeap"that's it."Lets have a beer"! I have been ask how ROMAR got it's name.Well Bob longs and wife Martha was doing jst that (tooling around for a name for there new business) Mrs. Long chose Ro(Robert) mar(Martha) = ROMAR vern
  9. John, When did dodge/chysler start useing silver paint on the engines? Vern
  10. If not on where dave suggested then it possable that the engine is a chysler replacementand the installer didn't stamp the numbers from the orginial engine.
  11. After reading my post you are correct.Hope I didn't cause any poblems with this post.Thanks for setting the record stright. Vern
  12. When one frist starts up a engine on these old cars/truck after replace any electric comp.such as battery,starter, generator the system should always be polized,By doing this after all is connected before starting/or even turning over the engien with the starter 'with a peice of wire make contact with the generator post and a ground such as the engine block this will make a spark. your electric system is now polised. If this isn't done one takes a chance of burning out the armuture in the generator Or like you did burn out the bulbs. Vern.
  13. This could be cause by an oval shape hole from ware.One way to stop the leak is to clean the end of the shaft with carberator cleaner then smear with silacon gasket sealer. Mopar makes a sealer just for sealing transmation lube. Of course this is a quick fix. the right way is to do a tare down ,ream the hole and install new bushings or bush it for the bearing size if the transmation uses bearings. Vern
  14. my all original '37 D5 has a oval muffr Vern
  15. And don't forget when the floor switch stuck it would drain the battery right now dead as a door nail
  16. John And others; Here's an interesting note that I came upon.When Delco took over N/E all N/E parts number were used but started off with 50xxxxx.We do have a N/E parts manual that has the old and the new parts numbers.I was cleaning up a cast iron starter end plate and notice the part number starting with 50 where as the pot metal end plate starts without the 50,then it came to me about the old/new part number. Vern.
  17. greg, You may want to check the starter chain.It should be tight enought so no slack is in it but lose enought so one can move it side ways on the spoket.Lose chain will transver a knocking noice to the # 4 cylinder. Nice DB.
  18. one other suggestion.Check out the wireing under the hood now the time to replace with a new wire harnest from Rode Island.
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