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  1. You may want to remove the valve cover pans to check if the valves are free.
  2. Hey I would take the exhust manfi. with me so they can mount it to use as a "Jig" to drill the hole. I see you broke off a extract tool wow those are hard to remove. Good luck
  3. Fist of all The Dodge Brothers meet there's no judgeing.I have seen cars that has been painted two tone green for 1917 have seen touring made into a truck, have seen coupes painted 4 different colors as per a sales booket.and have seen dBs restored to the "BOOK" as to say.So as far as it seems one can/should restored as one wants and enjoy it.(With in reason that is). I know I'm going to hear a lot from others that has never went to a meet. Vern
  4. Jason' Have you try it ? If not may I suggest you try it You may like it.
  5. Go to dodge flat head hop ups this has been done.
  6. Have you seen the printed bookets Jason???????? The way I look at it the bookets that has been printed up would be best as one could pull the booket say carbuators take it to the garage for reference while one is pulling it apart or reassembling it.The CDs as I understand is base on the same information with the exp. of the one JB done on the Victroy 6. I wouln't be supprise see the Victrory 6 CD in print form too. Vern
  7. Both cars look sweet John Now you will not want to drive the avanti for fear that it will get mess up or let a kid set in it . Vern
  8. I'm sure it will be hard to fine any use ones Unles you are luck to fine a car being H.R. because of the price of new ones Vern
  9. Yes as long as the Molasses is for feeding animals. vern
  10. Hello Machelle, Welcome to the forum! I have a 37 touring sedan two door The gas tank is located nder the trung and the spout /gas cap is located on the left/driver side rear finder.Do you have a hump back or a slant back. will try to post pictures of mine/ There's a tag on the right (pass. side) door jam where the hinge is bolted to. Vern
  11. Just make sure that you purchase the molasses at a feed store It's stronger then the table molasses. Vern
  12. Chris; Try vise grips to hold the stud while backing off the tool. Vern
  13. Nope a better way to go.Just inatall the stude in the vise and back off the stud extractor works every time Vern
  14. The difference in the voltage is deturment by the winding of the armutures and the fields The com.part that holds the brushes are only that.1 foot pound of masument should not be a problem in the torque to turn the engine These 6 volt dodge/chryslers cars were slow turning this was told to be by a dealer that sold these cars new. He stated that one would sware that the darn thing wouldn't start but they did.
  15. For some of us that is not inform correctry about the DBC web site: There's two(2) Discussion forms on the DBC site. 1- Is called DBC Discussion This form any one can post Non- Members/Members. 2-Members Only This form could be use to discuss isues that would only be of interest to the general mumbership. So one can see that it is not necessary to join to post in the non-members form. Here's something to think about,One reason there's a new web master is that the DBC form has to be kept up dated and actived to prove that the club is trying to educate the public in THe Dodge Brothers cars or risk the lost of the non-profit thing.If this happen well......... Vern
  16. Helfen, Do you still have your copy of the orginial order form when you frist order the car.If so this should be prof that you did order the car the said way.And yes it was spray so you would accept the purchase. If above is true one could just show the Bill of order and act dumb on why the panels are faded. Vern
  17. Real cool, nice.Just A thought BOY wouldn't that Packard look real sharp in Orange wheels and pin strips. LOVE that Paint job. Vern
  18. Hi All, Not to hijack this post bUT good old feed MOLASSIS will work just as good and only 35 cents a pound at any farm feed store be sure to get the liqured not the dry molassis. You mix it 1:5or 1:9 one part molassis to 5 or9 parts of waterJust dip leave set for a week then hose off with a garden hose one can use power w asher too.even takes off paint. Vern
  19. Dodge Brothers were 12 volts from the start 1914 to 1926/1927 then change to 6 volt then back to 12 volt in 1956
  20. That's a good idea Toomy Dodge.And Jason you can do this as well.We have.
  21. Bob Ore phone number 1-800-673-2472 Fax number..... (814)899-8546
  22. there's a barn full of cars outside of Brookville,Pa. Mosty Fords from model "A" to 1946
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