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  1. Hi ocm, Am I missing sonmething here you state that the fire order is 536241??Fire order should start with # 1 cylinder the spark plug behind the radiator is # 1 cylinder. Most early Dodge engines had the fire oorder 1 5 3 6 2 4 Another thing I can think of is you are timing at the exhust stroke Try this remove #1 spark plug but fingure over the hole turn engine over you should feel a push of air when the pistion is coming up on the compression stroke check to see it the rotor is pointing near # 1 cylinder go from there 1-5-3-6-2--4.I have seen some flywheels with couple of marks.The flywheel may have been removed at ome time and had been install incorrectry. The bolt pattern o n the early dB engines did not offset one bolt to make sure the flywheel could be install correcty Until next time, Vern
  2. Hello Mike, I have use gun blueing to darken the cadium plated Sparkplug It works quite well . Until next time Vern.
  3. 1930 After I read more of this topic I saw that you had a DA.It would be interest to know what #ers are on the title?and if the toe board tag is a Repro.There could be the case where the tile was lost and someone had came up with the numbers (didn't know of the Frame #)and received a tile thu a tile company.Or found the tag at a swap meet and use this to get a tile. some one suggest for u to obtain a DA part list We have a reprint that has water damage on the cover and satins on a few pages but it is readable, that we got when we purchase ROMAR from Bob Long in 1999 You are welcome to it.Of course we have reprints for sale too. Email me your mailing address if you want it romardb@zoominternet.net until next time, Vern
  4. 1930: The Number on the frame should match the number on the tag on the toe board on you DB.the engine Number will be somthing like 50,000 higer difference.If the 71879 number is located on the frame ,then this number will be the car serial number In case of the said number your car was made around May 24,1916 BUT I belive early DB had the same number stamp on the cross mumber under the seat.I know both of My 1923s (touring & coupe) are stamp both places. The above info is for the 4 cylinders 1914-1927. Vern From ROMAR
  5. WOW I have been looking for ideas like this as I am planing to make a Dodge Brothers speedster and was looking for somthing just like that to lower the stearing wheel and cowl for more stream line. Thank you for the Comments on Pa. What part did you visit? I'm from the Wolds Frist Oil Well (Titusville) By The way 2009 is the 150th year of Drake Well There's big time doings planded in July -Aug. Until next time. Vern
  6. Dean, I have been watching this Topic and must say that I wish we live closer (Live in NW PA.) as I would be at your shop most of the time looking over you as you go thu this 1st. class restration. Until next time, Vern
  7. Hello, Just go to nada.com click on classic car link scrool to Dodge . This will give you some idea what the 54 is worth. Vern
  8. Hello All, Would any of you have a picture of a radio dial for a 37 Dodge Brothers.I think this is a two(2) peice unit with the radio with speaker mounting on the fire wall under the dash. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank You . Vern
  9. Hello Forklift, There is a differents in the flywheels .The 218 has a 4 bolt hole flywheel as the 230 has 8 bolt hole.other then that the engines should swap without any more problems.BUT I would check the size oh block as I have found the 243 chysler engine in the 1 ton trucks. Hope this helps and good luck. Vern
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