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  1. Try Restoration Specialties & Supply in Windbar Pa. phone 814-467-9842. Ask for Jeff. They have many clips that they do not catalog. Vern
  2. We have 4 prime perment Carlisle Pa fall spaces on the "E" row for sale reasonable.If interest email me vern
  3. I ship a 4 cylinder engine,clutch and tranny once box up with 3/8 plywood with 2x4 frame weight was 1200 lbs. vern
  4. Hello Bert, Very nice car u got good luck on it.I have had good luck soften hard rubber by soaking it in 'MENIAL SPIRITS' I had some spark plug boots that are install on the distbuor cap soak them for a day came out soft. Vern From ROMAR.
  5. I was a ventor at the Dunkirt NY. swap This past week end talk to many interest guys about this car, got an email from one thanking me for the tip I understand that he and a buddy was going to Ohio Sat.with a trailer. Vern.
  6. Bill, If the dist.unit has the taper shaft and the water pump has a taper shaft like you show then all you need is a steel compelling that has a taper inside to match the taper on the shaft also a flex disc compelling to connect the two units togeather then you will be good to go.This hook up is what the later "C" engine has. WE do carrie the Disc compelling But we are out of the tube type and these were NOS have no idea where we can fine a supplier for them. Vern
  7. Joe, You may want to contact Tom&Cindy Myers for a route as they made the trip from MI. to the Mass. meet. Vern
  8. Ok Yes I knew this guy and have seen the workmanship he had done on this car and one he restored for his Mother.He had study machinal engineer at a early age.As you knowest in one of the photos he had a english wheel and knew how to use it too. It's a shame that he didn't get to see this car finish. Vern
  9. If you have the orginal owhers manual Make sure that the one from Myers isn't the same.Unles you want one to use and keep the orginial in the cupard. Vern
  10. The "B" engine was the first 6 volt engine for the DB and the Rubber tube compelling was first used the "B" engine with 3 maine bearing was only used for a few months then te "C" 5 maine engine came when the 5 maine bearing engine was interduced they went two disc compelling.i belive I have a NOS tube compelling in stock will look tomorow.The said compelling looks like a rubber hose but is reinforced with thread like the disc compelling. But if you had a generator with a taper shaft and the steel compeller for the generator and the Pump one can use the taper water pump shaft and the disc compellers.
  11. The photo you are showing is the pump for a "C" enginewith the disc type compelling.As stated above the "B" pump will have a rubber tube compelling and the generator will have a stright shaft too. Vern
  12. Bill,No what I'm saying the fast 4 pump is different then this and the pump you show is the same pump But you need a stright end shaft for a tube type rubber compelling to connect the generator. Sorry Bill I call you Ray. Vern
  13. Ray, If you have a 6 volt system the pump is same I can bet you have a early "B" engine.the shaft would be stright on the distributor end takeing a hose type compelling with a hole for a bolt to fasten the compelling,instead the disc. This pump is for the 124/126 The Fast 4 (128) is located back near the fire wall and is driven off the generator with a long shaft. Vern
  14. One should not say anything is rebuiltable Yes everthing can be fix BUT will it last. We are the bad guys that said this pump isn't worth to be rebuilt we feel that one would be better off fining another cord.Doing these pumps for the past 35+ years we have had our share of ones that just fix it and not haveing it last long. Vern (ROMAR)
  15. Be carefull when installing the front(neariest to radiator) stud as this stud screws into the valve chamber and will hit the intake valve stem in #1 cylinder and could bent the valve stem if the correct studs are used there a short thread and long tread the short thread is screw into the block.
  16. Unles you have a very very early Victory 6 wood is not correct .The molding should be on all four(4 sides) and should have a slite concave on top with " ribs" on the side. looks good tho Vern
  17. Greg, We have install many sleeves in car/truck hIt Miss ,boat, B&S engines and the normal interference fit is .002. I can't understand why the sleeve has to be turn When we order sleeves we give the bore size and what wall thickness we want. then bore block to the sleeve size.We never attempt to bore block with out sleeve in hand. Just one guys way of getting the job done. Vern Vern
  18. chris, The bushing has to be line hone to fit Take the spindles and pin back to the shop have them line hone them I ha ve heard this saying
  19. Greg: Happy you knew Bob Long.In the late 70's we started to manufacture Bob's machinal parts .After a stroke he ask me to take Romar off his hands this was in 1998.We have been at it since.We kept the ROMAR name Bob pass a few years after we took over. Vern Barker
  20. You may want to check all the wires make sure they are tight be sure to check at coil if you are running the orginial one there's a thum screw that comes lose offen.
  21. i always look att these model as the first 2or 4 door hard top like that came out in the early 50's( Roll the windows down and no post.)
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