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  1. I just listed my 91 for sale on ebay. If interested take a look at the pictures of the bottom end of it. Thanks, Kyle
  2. I have a new taillight clear rear cover that I bought 8 years ago for my 91. I am open to offers as I have not figured out a way to ship this from Florence, SC. At least I am at the corner of I 95 and I 20. Easy to get to. Thanks, Kyle
  3. I did not know its value until asking here. I had no clue to its worth. I will list it in the buy/sell section. Thanks.
  4. I would take $500 but it would have to be picked up, I can't see any way to ship it. Of course offers would be considered.
  5. I can see why shipping would be high. I wish someone would be interested in my area, eastern South Carolina.
  6. It is the clear plastic that goes over the whole tai light assembly.
  7. A major duh on my part. Got it for my 91 Reatta
  8. Does anyone have any idea what a NOS rear taillight cover is worth?
  9. I just want to thank you all for providing the most useful and informative site. I would not still have my 91 if it wasn't for you guys. Thanks again.
  10. I do have a pretty decent 91 blue wheel, not perfect, but not bad. I took it off when I bought an 89 wheel from Jim Finn. It has some wear at the 10 o'clock position.
  11. Jim Finn usually has them also. This is fairly common, I actually keep a spare now.
  12. Thanks to Ronnie for terrific service on the Reatta Store connection and Corvanti for his insight - I finally put my new fuel pump in yesterday. Every thing went like a charm. I was amazed how crappy ethanol made the wire cage look, it looked like it was sitting in saltwater!
  13. Does anybody pay attention/care about the 90 to 93? Just curious.
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