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  1. Vintage motoring was alive and well in New Zealand in 1966. Below is a link to a movie that I shot that year. The youngest car participating in the rally is the 1931 Model A Ford,(Vintage period ends in NZ on the 31st December 1931) however I imagine that there will be almost as much interest in the 'modern' non-participant cars these days. You will find an interesting mix of American as well as U.K. and Euro cars. (Part 1) (Part 2)Hope you enjoy the film, Dane..... (Trying to be Cecil B De-Dane!)
  2. Thanks Dave. I have edited the link in my original post. It is a reasonable temperature here at the moment, but in January we should be experiencing many days in the high thirties (Centigrade)and so far it has mainly been mid to high twenties. Today it is only 20C (68F), so for us rather cool!
  3. On another forum, it was mentioned that there are few P4 clips on the tube. This weekend I tried to do a small part to remedy that. My car is in regular use and is unrestored, but she goes well and does a good job. I was somewhat disappointed in the quality of the film by the time Youtube got to it, but hope that you enjoy it anyway.
  4. I was fascinated to read about the Robertson Screw. My Ford experiences are only with the Canadian cars found in Australia and New Zealand, and I had the impression that the square headed screw was a Ford design. I used to grind a square onto broken blade screwdrivers to make my own driver, I have never seen a commercially produced one. Referring to the mistakes made by restorers, in Aus and NZ most '28 and '29 cars are restored with chrome plated radiator shells. I made sure that the one on my '28 Tudor was nickel when I had it re-plated. To me, chrome just does not look right. Dane.
  5. The Canadian factory sent cars to British Commonwealth countries, so most T's and A's in Australia and New Zealand are basically Canadian cars with a little local content. I have definitely seen a couple of CAE prefix engine numbers in New Zealand, but that was many years ago, and they were just second hand engines so no other items to assist with dating.
  6. Roverdriver

    An A in Oz

    A member of a British old car club suggested that members here might find this film clip of interest. The car involved is a 1928 Tudor that I bought in 1966. It was ideal with a young family- no rear doors so the kids could not escape! We lived in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) at the time and decided to drop in to visit an old school friend and my sister who live in Perth, Western Australia. The round trip was 5,000 miles. The clip shows us crossing the Nullabor Plains. Hope you enjoy it.
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