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  1. 30-ML-126505-ML- Moving it to Dodge Brothers! They know trucks! RWB
  2. I'm new to old dodges, please put up with my questions. I think I have the original fluid drive transmission in my 48 1 ton. If I wanted to change it out to a standard drive transmission what would fit my 230 bellhousing. what year trucks would I be looking for or what part number would I be lookng for ? can you convert a fluid drive to a direct drive. thank you
  3. 30-ML-126503-ML- Moved to the Dodge Forums! RWB
  4. Maybe someone can help me out here, I have a 230 in my 1948 1 ton. I have found a 1946 rebuilt 218. Can someone confirm that they are the physically the same size. I know they are a different bore and stroke. Is there any difference between a car 218 and a truck 230. I'm looking to make a clean swap between the two does anyone see a problem ? thank you
  5. Hello I'm looking for a rebuilt or good running engine. It's going into a 1948 dodge 1 ton ranch truck that will not ever be on a hwy. Mine is worn out and leaves a cloud of smoke. I'm in Central California 95023.# 831-637-6199 or Tim.silva@ICS-integration.com thank you Tim
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