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  1. Ha, yeah I'm familiar with Allpar's site...one of the best on the 'net if you ask me. I may have to check out the Turbo Dodge meet. I don't think my TC is quite ready for that far of a drive, but the Eclipse can make it and it sounds fun! I've long lusted after Shelby Chargers. Even if I never have one of those, at least I can keep the Turbo Mopar flame alive with my TC Really appreciate all the greets on the forum.
  2. Oh...and as to the whole "Why I Bought a TC" thing... Well, I've always been a mopar guy, although I was far moreso as a teenager (thanks, Grandpa). The funny thing is I was mopar when mopar wasn't cool. First car? 86 Charger with the low-output 2.2 Second? 88 Turbo Lebaron K Car Both of these were Crysler Metallica Ice Blue. Third car? 95 Lebaron convertible, and that's probably the genesis of the TC lust. I hadn't even HEARD of the TC (I would have been 15 when they came out) until I started thinking about things to do to the Lebaron. For example, I never liked those "aero" headlight lenses, and thought maybe I could find a way to manufacture a replacement. Sure enough, a search for "Lebaron styling modification" led me to this "mysterious" car that (whoa is us fans) resembled a Lebaron. I just never thought I'd FIND one after I "discovered" the cars. In fact, I ended up donating the Lebaron after buying a 2001 Eclipse. A Ft. Knox soldier did a trade at a car lot near Elizabethtown and I just happened to pass by the lot one day. 3 months later, the former Californian TC was mine.
  3. Wow...looks like I came to the right place. Thanks to all for the great suggestions. Being in western/central KY, I have lots of cold and rainy weather, so I'm hardy in hardcore TC country out here. Looks like the tires are original. They are pretty worn, so even if I keep them, I need/want them replaced if only because they scare me being so old. I'd have no major aversion to getting stronger wheels if they resembled the originals. I'd definitely keep the originals, as I'm somewhat of a purist. How many rightmost digits would you guys need to be able to tell anything about this car? 4? 6? 8?
  4. Several months ago I found - and bought - a red 1989 TC 2.2 8v with just under 35k miles. Of course, this was a "dream", so I just bought after taking it to the mechanic. He found very little wrong (as did I when I bought it). I have several first-blush questions. And wishing to be a good citizen, if there's a FAQ I'm just not finding, steer me to it and feel free to tell me to hush up. That being said, I appreciate any offer and advice. I'm mechanically inclined but very inexperienced. I'm interested in some minor tweaks (computer, exhaust, intake) but no major mods, and want to keep the exterior and interior as original as possible. 1. Anyone know of a place near Elizabethtown, KY (including Ft. Knox and Louisville) that will touch this car? Other than the initial look-over the best mechanic in town says they don't work on turbos, and the Chrysler dealer says "we can't get parts so don't bother." I have what's described as a very "minor" turbo oil leak. I don't know if I'd consider any turbo leak "truly" minor. It's not enough to notice, it just frightens me. 2. Where's a good place to get "little" parts like shift levers, various interior plastic knobs, etc? 3. The port windows look like they're becoming partially "unglued" How best to fix? 4. I've heard that the ABS system can be replaced with that of a Lebaron. True? 5. Any particularly suggested replacement tires (I believe these are original...no joke) 6. The seats and armrests have extremely cracked leather. Short of outright replacements (er...from? It's a sort of orangey leather; is that "ginger?") can anything be done? 7. The driver's side rear quarter panel window motor stopped working. I have the 1990 service manual (alas, I need the 89 for the 8v t2) but I can't figure out how to get at the motor. Funny thing...same motor burned out in my 95 lebaron.
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