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  1. I have a 55 Patrician that I am "fixing up' . It is a clean car, but no show car. Anyway, the suspension does NOT go up or down automatically. IF I get under and hook up a few wires to the compensator motor ect, and can get it to go up or down in the back. The questions I have are, 1. Is there a diagnosis step by step to figure out whats bad? Is there any specific manuel just for the suspension? I am NOT a mechanic, just a hobbiest, so, I am trying my best to figure it out. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars replacing everything, as I know the motor does work, and just want to fix it to work. Any help for a novice like me is much appreciated. thanks.
  2. Thanks NTX5467, it is the Lehigh V type. I may need to have someone check it out better to make sure the problem is what I suspect. It has the Novi condenser in the truck, and the really cool looking tubes in the back window. Well, they are cool, since you don't see that often, not sure if that is cool for any other reason, haha. I'll try to get som e photos and post later, it's raining right now, haha, thanks again. Any other advice from anyone is much appreciated.
  3. I have a 55 Packard Patrician with factory air. The compressor comes on, but there is no presure. Does anyone know a place to have these rebuilt? I am asuming they can be rebuilt. I want as original, no aftermarket modern a/c. Thanks
  4. I am restoring a 63 Champ Pick up 1/2 ton 8E7 V8 long bed. I could use any NOS parts. I am looking for a NOS Grille ( preferably the one with "Studebaker" written on the bottom ) also a tailgate, NOS radio Ac-3273. oh, do you have any Banners? thanks,
  5. I have a 55 Patrican and need to put fluid in it. Is the O'Reillys parts master brand DEX/MERC ok to use? it says on the bottle used in Dexron III , DexronIIE , or Mecron. I also need the four bolts to put the hood back on. Anyone have any? Also, the seats were redon eyears before I got it, and the headliner is starting to hang down. It is done in the same vinyl as the seats. MMy question is, what should the headliner be made of? Thanks,
  6. Haha, Well Jim, the Kaiser would oonly be a few years old during the Poodle skirt years, haha. The 53 Kaiser is running good, and we take it out the most, thats why the Kaiser. Thanks Nancy, that was a great site to get them. I agree Brownie, I may try to make our own, I do my own auto upholstery, and my 10 year old daughter says she wants to be a "fashion designer", so, maybe this will be a good "father daughter " time teacher her how to sew, haha. Thanks everyone.
  7. That is a 110 Packard. They sold ALOT of those, as well as the 120 eight cylinder Packard. It is what Packard called a Jr. series. The senior series are the 160, and 180 models. The Senior models had around 4000 made in all body styles and are the expensive ones, the Jr models were the ones that didn't cost so much to but, so, they sold alot. Here's the good news about that car. Becasue it's a 110, small six, and tey made so many, engine parts are much more plentiful, ( easier to get ) and cheaper. You can get just about everything you need for it. The bad thing is, because it's NOT the top Senior series, these sell for around $10,000 ( nice driver )to $15,000 ( super clean driver ) maybe close to $20,000 if TOTALLY like new, show car. So, you will probablt spend what it cost to make it nice for what it's worth, ( if you don't spend more ). Cool thing, becasue it's not the expensive models, you can drive it and enjoy it everyday.
  8. I have been reading this with much interest. It's so great to see so many help each other out. Hey P1, I have a 1940 160 touring sedan, and I got it May 26th 2000. The date on the engine and exhaust manifiold is May 26th 1940. Wow, I got it excatly 60 years to the build date, haha, that is wierd but cool. Let us know how things go, and we would love a photo if possible. best of luck..
  9. Very interesting, I wonder, wih a car that cost that much, is it still around? I also noticed in photo 3 the arm rest on the jump seats, that must be rare too, as I have never seen arm rest on jump seats before. Also, the car has the big gun hanging out in the studio where they were building it, wow very cool. thanks for sharing.
  10. Hey new guy, hehe Welcome Although I don't get on here much, busy with life outside the hobby, I am always amazed at how much knowledge there is out here. Just when someone ask a question you think will stump everyone, 5 poeple will asnwer right away, haha. Glad you are here. enjoy, love the A by the way, I also have a bike, ( 97 Harley Heritage Springer I bought new.)
  11. I hate to ask, because I should know this, haha, but after working on my Packard trans, I forgot. What type of fluid do I need to buy for the Studebaker Automatic? Mine is a 58 President with borg warner. thanks.
  12. I do have Jim's book on the 1940 Packards, ( great book ) in which it does show the divider as a accessory for my model/series. I downloaded 7 photos on my web site of the divider I bought. It does have the top wood for the glass to go inside. I have the glass, but it is cracked, still good for a pattern. I would be interested in trading for a 1940 for this 41, if there is a difference, or if my car is suppose to have the glass go to the headliner. Does need alittle wood repair, but over all it is really nice. has a Hydrolic line, and a switch with wires on the top. I can take more photos in anyone would like. I prefer to restore my cars as original as possible. thanks.
  13. Hey guys, I have a 1940 1804 160 touring sedan I am restoring. It is a 138" wb, The window divider from the driver to back passengers was a accessory for this car. I recently had a chance to buy one that came out of a 41 ( limo ? ). I was wondering the difference on the body. Should the 41 divider work ok for a 40, or are the body's ( inside diameter hieght and width ) quite different? What do you think Wes, and Dave? You can see my car on m web, thanks. oh, by the eay, I did buy the divider and will post pictures of it perhaps today. Although it needs restored I thought the price was fair. thanks..
  14. I am waiting on a response from the owner to go look at it. I will take photos and post what I found out, thanks.
  15. I am going to go look at 2 desoto's for sale. The 1928 is suppose to be serial number 1. According to the gentleman selling them, all numbers match with it being the 1st one made. He also claims that Calvin Coolidge was a owner, that does make me suspicious as President Coolidge is the last president not to ever drive or fly in a airplane. From What I read, He did buy a car AFTER leaving office in 29, but that was his Presidents Pierce Arrow, and he had to hire a driver. Bottom line is, as I look at the 2 cars, what and where are the numbers I need to look for. Anything else I should be aware of? thanks.
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