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  1. What is code 61 for a 53 buick?
  2. 7/1/60 I was 15 and thought I had found a 34 Ford 2 door north of Forsyth, Montana. I purchased the car for $10. I was working on my granfathers ranch and my cousin and I towed it home with a chain over dirt roads 20+ miles. Boy to be that young again! I drove it all summer and left it there outside for almost 40 years. The ranch was sold and I trailered it to Great Falls, Montana. It's in the shop (out of the weather) and hopefully will be a driver again. Phil (35myway)
  3. Grandpa, Appreciate the info. Do you know of any other registries that may have information? These must be getting very rare in comparison to the Skylarks, but then again they probaby helped build a lot of those Skylarks! Thanks, Phil
  4. Dave, Great info on the assemby and plant numbers. Do you also have them for 1952 Roadmaster convertibles? I'm trying to find out how many 52 & 53 76C's are know to exist. I have one of each and they seem to be much more rare than the 76X. Any info or research sources would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  5. any info on how many 52&53 Roadmaster convertibles are known to exist?
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