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  1. Fred said the Winter 2015 Rummage Box was approved by the board, so I submitted the final version to Pat Buckley on Sunday when we got back to Wisconsin. I suspect it will be posted shortly.
  2. We have seen a variety of weather in our previous visits. Cold and/or snow in general doesn't scare us; we're used to that here in Wisconsin. However, one year that we drove to the meeting Philly got 20+ inches shortly after we parked our car in the hotel parking garage on Thursday, and another 22 inches fell shortly after we left town on Sunday. We are hoping not to have a repeat of that weather this time around! See you in a few short weeks!
  3. Vern and I are debating whether or not to attend this year's annual meeting. We're having decent weather here in Wisconsin, but it doesn't look like they're enjoying the same milder winter in Philadelphia. Anyone have any connections to the weather gods to give me insights on what kind of weather we're likely to have in February?
  4. Thanks for the kind words, Mark. The issue went to Fred Young a few days ago. It should be made available shortly.
  5. As Wayne stated, I get files from hither and yon. To bring the text over from those articles, I typically copy the text, and then select "Paste Special" and choose "unformatted text." When I took over the Rummage Box I was given a copy of the Publisher file used to create the most recent issue, and I've been using that as my template for subsequent issues. Going forward, I will check the formatting and remove any/all errant hard returns (which appear as Paragraph symbols when you click on the "Reveal Codes" button). I usually find a few along the way when paragraphs shift on me, but I'll be mo
  6. Also important -- if you decide to forward one of these emails on to friends or foes, do the other recipients a favor and delete all those email addresses from the body of the email before you hit send. Spammers love those long lists of email addresses that result when people forward and don't delete again and again!\ Jan K.
  7. Wayne, those pictures are too funny. It's amazing how fast the kids grow up! Jan K.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, Fran! Yes, the people who remember Scott from before will still recognize him, but he has changed a bit. We all have to look up to him these days. We were trying to remember the last time we were at the meeting. We're guessing it's been six years. It's past time for a return visit. But we can do without a major snowstorm, if anyone has that kind of pull. We're still digging out from the last storm here in Wisconsin. Counting the days! Jan K.
  9. You and Mike, among others, have been on our minds as well. We'll be on the lookout for you! Jan K.
  10. Wow! It's been too long since I've been out on the forum. Lots of new names and quite a few of the oldtimers as well. After a gap of too many years, Vern, Scott and I have decided to attend the Annual Meeting. We hope to see a lot of familiar faces and hear what you have all been up to since we last talked. If the DFer's get together anyplace special, please let us know! Jan K.
  11. Well, we haven't been in the running for any awards lately, but we're contemplating a trip to the annual meeting nonetheless! Scott has been requesting a return visit for the past couple of years. We all miss the friendly folks we've met during our previous visits. If the stars align just right with all of our schedules, we'll see you there! Jan K.
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