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  1. Hi guys hope anybody can help? Did they have timing lights back in the 30's I need to set my points and time on my car. I have it on #1 cylinder and set each set of points on the high point of the cam in the distributor. set them to .018 she starts up and runs for a minute or so then wants to load up and putters out. I think I don't have my points and timing set right. Can anybody help? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys for the help. I Emailed Mac Blair and am waiting for a response back. I live near Modesto California and can't find any local Buick chapter close by. I think the closest one is in Sacramento CA. Thats about 70 miles from me.I am excited about getting started on this car. It needs a few things before I can get it started. 1)New spark plugs AC 86 2)Waterpump 3)I don't now the name of the part but it's a round tube that is pressed into the cylinder head where the spark plug screws into the head.Any help would be great. Thanks: James
  3. Hi hope someone can lead me in the right direction. My father owned this car and gave it to me a few years ago before he died. It's a 1931 buick mod 8-57 all original. I don't now much about it and need to find a repair manuel & a AC 86 spark plug for this before I even get started. can anyone point me in the right direction please.