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  1. Any instructions on doing the repair?
  2. I have an 1988 that needs a new or repaired power antenna. My antenna motor runs and the antenna goes 1/2-2/3 the way up. It doesn not come back down all the way and the motor will then run continually. I just leave it up and remove the lead from the power. Does anybody sell a repair kit or rebuilt unit? If anybody is looking to trade I have a light pod (left side of steering wheel) that works great and is in excellent condition. Mike.
  3. Morning guys. My 1988 has always had weak HVAC fan speed. I can hear the motor running on high but I do not get out nearly as much speed/pressure out of the vents. The defrost does come out plenty fast. Any ideas? Does the HVAC system have a filter that might be plugged some? The vents do work just at high speed they are comparable to my other vehicles at low. Mike.
  4. Sorry for the slow response. The scoop was put on because my son a few years ago laid his Honda 500 down on the hood and the handlebar dented and scratched the area. The car was covered and I did not discover the damage for over a month. I decided to put in a cold air intake and added the scoop. The seats are leather and perfect. The drivers seat was covered with a sheep skin and I though it would be in bad shape when I bought it. I was very happy to find out it was perfect! The car had 122K on it when I bought it 3 years ago. It now has 133K. The only thing I need to do to make it pe
  5. I took a few pictures of my 1988. I really like this car and only take it out once a week or so. The interior is flawless. Mike.
  6. My 1988 has always had hit and miss lighting for the tranny/mirrors/windows and the two pods on the right and left of the instument cluster. When the doors close and the "show" goes off they all work most of the time except now the right and left pod lights are out. I have turned on the key and turned on the fog lights. Everything works except both right and left pods. The dimmer has always worked. I took the light switch pod out tonight and cleaned it and reassembled. The switches all work but the lights do not. The pod lights may come on later (both sides work when they come on). Does
  7. I am missing a tan plastic cover that goes over the drivers side upper seat belt. I would take any color and just paint if you have one for sale. The other item I need is the black covers that go on the ends of the pull straps for the doors ( I need 2). Let me know what you have. Mike.
  8. Morning Barney. I have sent you a couple new PM's.
  9. For a car that was constructed during the 55 MPH maximum speed limit I am surprised that my car does best at 65-70. The trip was mostly 75 MPH with some sections at 80. Mike.
  10. I took my 1988 Black/Tan out for a weekend getaway from my home in Fruit Heights, Utah to St. George Utah (340 miles each way). Car ran like a champ and got 30 MPG. I am really amazed at the ride quality of this car. I am also surprised at the high mileage the car got. My Reatta does not have a single wheel weight on any wheel and it has absolutely no pull or vibration even at 100 MPH! I have owned the car for three years now and I still get lots of looks and questions whenever I go out in her. I recently replaced my thermostat (which was the original) and the 180 I installed is keeping the
  11. Is it necessary to re-program the fans? With the 180 in I doubt I will need them much. My AC compressor crapped out this spring. I have a used one but have not installed it. I have a by-pass pulley installed now. How does one reporgam the fans? Nice warm ride in this morning.
  12. Mission accomplished. New 180 and both o-rings in place. No leaks and she is running 176-184 at 34 degrees ambient temperature. One more question. Will I have any trouble passing emissions going from the 195 to 180? I have to inspect the vehicle this month. She has always passed both emissions and safety inspection with flying colors. FYI - The old stat was stuck open. Nice and warm now. Mike.
  13. Thanks for the help guys. I will go home and coat up the area with WD40. I had to do that to remove the bolt last night. I bet this is the original thermostat and that is probably why she is so tight. Mike.
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