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  1. They measure about 6 7/8 on the outside diameter and 6 on the inside. I would like to find a set of artillery wheels for the 33 if anyone has a set to sell. I have another set of these I would like to use with artillery wheels for my 33
  2. I just posted these on ebay if anyone is interested They may be for the wire wheel or the Artillery wheels not certain but they are New Old Stock Originals Thank you http://www.ebay.com/itm/1933-34-35-NOS-Dodge-Brothers-Truck-Hub-Cap-Vintage-Dodge-Hot-Rod-Rat-Rod-/111620885931?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19fd1f8dab&vxp=mtr
  3. Thank you Kevin ! I found out through a Plymouth owner that the 28-31 Chevy windshield is the same or close. This is the first time I have ever seen anything that would fit. Everything was removed from mine when I got it. They do sound like they are the same as far as the gears etc.
  4. Hello I have a 30 dodge with a crank up style windshield. Were did you find the early chevy mechanism and rubber? You can find many of those T handles on Ebay. Thanks
  5. Hello I need a windshield crank assembly for my 30 Dodge Business coupe it rolls up and down not in and out. I have no idea what it even looks like so if you happen to have one to sell or willing to send me a picture of it That would be greatly appreciated. The glass has two briefcase looking handles on it so maybe there is two separate cranks or a larger double mechanism. Not Sure! Thank you !!
  6. http://www.allpar.com/corporate/bios/dodge-brothers.html Says a lot about Dodge and Ford Glad they Separated! Long Live Dodge!
  7. Very Rare Spider caps have been restored to near perfect other than shelf life lite scratches from being wiped off and or stacking they would be near mint. There are restore marks on the inside. They started off to be a very nice set to begin with. $1600 plus shipping Standard cap these are great for restoration one however need a new body but has a nice center cap. One has a full stainless body the other are steel. these all are 3 piece meaning a stainless ring and center cap formed over the body and can be removed with some talent $235 plus shipping I pack well, Track and insure all items I have individual pictures if you would like to see them Thank you Hurry these wont last Long !
  8. OFFERS TRADES ?? Stromberg Carbs 97, 81, 48 Wanted and any vintage performance parts
  9. I am selling an extra pair and a real CQ CL Trim Ring. I have more Pictures available Post Not Accepting my Pictures maybe to large If you have a smaller trim ring to complete the pair for sale please let me know Thank you The first is a single Trim Ring for a CQ CL Headlight. It is Larger Diameter then standard size. $300 it is nice restorable Condition. The Tab is gone and split in that Area. The rest of the ring is in great Shape. $300 C series with the Raked lenses Pair of long buckets Restorable Good Condition Pair of CM Hall smooth faced lenses ONE Smaller Trim Ring NO Reflectors, Or wiring $800 PLEASE PM ME OR SEND EMAIL IF INTERESTED! I CAN ACCEPT PAY PAL AND I TRACK, INSURE and PACK Well !!!! ThanK You Jwreinhardt@hotmail.com
  10. I am looking now for a smaller trim ring. I ended up by accident with a real CQ CL Trim ring. PM Me if anyone has one thank you!!
  11. I will be listing on Ebay low start and No Reserve Thank you
  12. I purchased these several years ago as 1931 Hupmobile Headlamps. I have a picture of them on a model S currently seen on Ebay and they look identical. They are big and beautiful they measure 10.5 wide and about 7 inches deep they have a screw at the tail. The glass lens are in excellent condition I only can find one tiny chip on the outer edge of one lens, No cracks, The lens are depressed beam, Made by CM Hall Lamp company. There is light pepper marks and few light scratches they will rechrome to perfection. I have never opened them but the reflectors look excellent. I do not know what other makes these will fit or years. $800.00 Or Best Offer Please Plus shipping I pack well, Track and Insure I can accept pay pal also please ask any and all questions you have and if you need a better pic let me know Thank you.
  13. Thank you very much I have a pair now just like HotRod Charlie is selling but not NOS I am looking forward to restoring them. Is there any tech data on restoring head lamp buckets?
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