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  1. Hi. I just registered and I don't Know if this is the same place where I was. I have a '50 Pontiac 4 door that I'm restoring. I'm glad to have some company to discuss things. T Square
  2. Hi guys: I'm new to this, in fact I'm new to the whole web car owners thing, but here goes, treat me gently. I have a '50 Pontiac 4 door Sedan (post?) It says Silver8Streak on the front fenders, it has the flathead 8 that runs like a top at about 600 rpm. It's all original, a bit beat-up but very restorable. The headliner is all intact but if you touch it, it rips (very fragile). It was originally kind of a creamy yellow-white but I have stripped it to the bare metal. A little cancer around the rear wheelwells but not bad (fixable). The radio trim on the dash says 'Chieftain'. Both tail lights are a bit pushed-in but I'll pull them out, I have new lenses & bezels. The chrome bright work is all slightly pitted. The indian on the hood is the plastic amber one with the light in it. I've seen some that are chrome, I'm still getting into the whole model thing. Oh, and it's a notch-back. I have taken the paint off the radiator tank and polished it up and I think the bright brass is attractive. Next time I'll put is a couple of pics if I can figure out how to do it.