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  1. Sorry, haven't been on here for a while. My dash knobs are a different style. Has a diamond shape around the letter. Looks a bit like a curtain hanging either side. But thanks anyway. Laurie.
  2. Thank you. I have waited 12 years so far so a few more months won't hurt. I''ll be in touch.
  3. Hi, I am looking for Hupmobile S choke and start cables or just the knobs to suit. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks, Laurie.
  4. Hi, Just wondering where you managed to find hubcaps. Someone made very good repo ones around 30 years ago, but I am having trouble finding goods ones for my model S restoration. Laurie.
  5. I need the dash knobs or complete cables for the start and choke on my 1930 Hupmobile S. Hopefully someone can be of assistance, Thank you.
  6. Hey Dan, I was reading an old post of yours and you said you put slipper type conrods in your '39. Where did you get the rods, or did you have the old ones machined? I have a '39 special sedan. The old bloke I bought it from said the motor has never been touched. I pulled the sump off and took shims out of the bigends to get the correct clearance, but the shaft is a bit rough so I want to get it ground and put slipper bearings in when the time comes.
  7. I am looking for a full set of fenders to fit 1922 Cadillac type 61. I am in Australia, and not sure how to get them here if anyone has some. Laurie. Email laurie.ingles@bigpond.com
  8. Wanted to buy. 23 inch rims to suit Cadillac type 61. Useable condition. Various other type 61 parts also needed. laurie.ingles@bigpond.com Malanda, Queensland, Australia.
  9. Hi all, I have just stumbled onto this site and want to let you know of another Chrysler 72. Mine is a 7 passenger touring car in pretty bad condition. It has a cracked engine block and after 20 years, I have decided it's time to adapt another engine. These parts are near impossible to find here in Australia. Laurie.
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