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  1. Hello, my 66 skylark has been having an issue where I have to hold up the column shifter in order to start it. Yesterday it started to just click no matter what position the shifter was in. Is there a ignition switch in the steering column assy? If there is, can it be fixed without having to replace the entire column. Any help will be greatful. Als 66
  2. I just wanted to say thank you fall all your advice on the tire sizes. It was a huge help on making my decision. Which will be the 225/70R14's. Als 66
  3. I'm in a bind.. My 66 Skylark has P235/60R14's in the rear and P225/70R14's in the front.. I am getting different advice from different tire company's. Some say to put the 235's all around while other company's are telling me it's weird that there's taller tires in the front than the rear. And that the P235/60's must look like roller skate heels.. Unfortanely the TA Radials are on backorder untill who know's when so those are out.. My question is that I like the 60's wideness but will they fit on the front so all 4 would match. Or, should I keep it the way it is and purchase 2 different size tires. Or, should I get the P225/70's all around. I'm soooo confused... This car thing isn't as easy as it looks.... AL
  4. I just received my 66 skylark back from repair and the steering is warped. I think they might have had to remove it when repairing the manifold. I didn't feel it on the drive home but now Holy Cow... When I turn the steering wheel it raises and lowers like a 1/2 an inch. The rod in the engine conpartment looks straight. I'm wondering if there is an adjustment where it connects to the steering gear box.. I'm going to bring it back but I wanted to get an idea of what could be causing this before I do. Anyone have any clues? Thanks, Al
  5. Thanks guys. My thought was that something was bent also, but I can't find anything. I have an un-rebuilt carb that I compared the linkage with and nothing looks bent. I'll try to reach the CARBKING and see if he can help. Thanks, AL
  6. My 66 skylark has the 300 cu in motor. Following a carb rebuild last year the motor has been running fine. Until last week. I was on the highway and the carb linkage seemed to be sticking a little. I pressed the gas to bypass the "sticking" and when I arrived at home I noticed that the car was idling too high. Now when I run the vehicle it doesn't idle down. As the engine heats up the higher the car idles. I'm clueless. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. And it looks fantastic I might add...
  8. Friday's fine with me. You give the time and I'll see you there....
  9. Another beauty. By the way, how is that we only live a couple of miles from each other yet I've never seen your cars on the road? We'll have to meet at Harriots for breakfast one of these days.. Good luck with the new toy. AL
  10. I own a 1966 Skylark convertible that is in nice shape and no way this car is going to get $26,000. Even if it was perfect and original... I'm not looking to sell the car but I'm always checking to see what others are going for. There are a few "originals" out there that are asking around $14,000 and there still for sale after 2 years. I believe you also stated that the car was painted once before. If that's true, any reputable autobody shop is going to strip that car down to the bone and start from scratch as not to get blamed for any problems in the near future. Because of this, your talking at least $6,000 to $8,000 for a paint job. I know, I checked. My advice would be, as other's have stated.... drive it, enjoy it and don't expect to make any money on it. That's what I do... Also, and don't take this the wrong way, but what type of car show gives a trophy to a car that, and I'm quoting you, "needs a paint job, could use new windshield, carpeting, maybe a rear bumper and has some rust spots? I'm just curious..
  11. Thanks for all your advice. Rebuilding an original for $150.00 is better on my wallet too. I did find a shop not too far from me thanks to the internet who has been in business for 35 years and specializes in rebuilding carbs. He is also going to adjust it while on the car which is great. Once again, thanks everyone for all your help. Have a great turkey day!! Al
  12. I have a 310 wildcat (300CI) engine in my 66 skylark. It has the stock Rochester 2b carb on it. There's some hesitation when I accelerate. I purchased a "rebuilt" one on Ebay over the winter but it ran like crap even after adjustments by a mechanic. I put the old one back on. My question is that should I rebuilt the original or are there higher performance 2b carbs out there that would make the engine run even better. If so, can anyone point me in the right direction and give me some advice as to make, model, etc...?? AL
  13. I had the car towed to my mechanic yesterday, who by the way rebuilt a 65 skylark from the bottom up so he knows what he's doing. He told me that it was the fuel pump. When I had checked the carb, I noticed gas being pumped in but he said that was what was left in the "bowl". He knows more then me so we'll see. I do appreciate all your help. Being fairly new to older cars I'm trying to learn as much "do it yourself" as I can. The idea of replacing a half dozen electrical parts and still having a problem is what eventually sent to the mech... It's getting colder in RI so I need to get it fixed so I can enjoy a few more days with the top down.. Thanks again and I'll let all of you know if this was the problem.
  14. My Buick has the 310 wildcat. Sorry, I should have mentioned that.
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