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  1. id be afraid i couldn't find the window rubber to put it back together.what if you broke a piece of glass taking it apart?btw if theres one in a junkyard near charlotte nc please tell me.my cars pretty complete but i worry.
  2. rawja,what car are your wheels off of?i like those much better than the 89 factory wheels.
  3. its hard to restore something you can get very few new parts for.i had a 1950 ford car that i could get more new parts for.
  4. i can't log in by clicking the log in link at the right top of the page.i type in the username and password this site gave me but it doesn't work.i have to use the link from the email this site sent me.not a major deal unless my email crashes.
  5. i didn't realize that reattas have rack and pinion steering.cool.
  6. walmart has something simular.id like to remove the dead tape player and put it there like i saw someone on here do.if it had satelite radio and hd radio that would be a plus.
  7. my remotes in the house in a drawer where its been since the first time.lucky for me i have a quick disconnect on the battery.im also glad that the alarm doesn't realarm as so as i rehook the battery.
  8. i watch what they go for on ebay for my area.
  9. this car has embaressed for the third time.the alarm has sounded twice when i used the key to unlock the drivers door and once when i just used the driver door handle.i quit using the remote because the owners manual said that the remote set the alarm.id love if the alarm worked but at this point id be happy to unhook the alarm and start using the remote to open the doors again.this last time i unpluged the horns.
  10. i just used a 94 regal box in my 89.it fit perfectly.no eq though.
  11. just google 'record to mp3 converter'.lots of options.
  12. i might could help there.i have a 2000 v6 mustang wheel
  13. radio shack sells[used to sell?]a phonograph that converts to mp3s,i think.i saw one advertised
  14. theres a pull a part in charlotte. www.pullapart.com
  15. it has six pins but a smaller plug could be modifyed to fit.you only need three pins.
  16. Adding a second AUX to the factory radio in the 88 (bought a new one) is also a candidate - does this go into an unused plug ? or do you tap off an existing plug ? I can hide a stereo minature phone jack but thought is also required a control lead to go high or low. Is this true ? i tryed this.you need a plug.i didn't have one so i reused the tape player inputs.
  17. i love my satelite radio.if all you want is music,it 10 dollars a month for 50?channels of comercial free music.i have an ipod but seldom use it.
  18. i finished mine yesterday.i used the cord for hooking an ipod to a stereo and cut off the stereo end.using daniels links i soldered the ground wires to the black wire with a stripe and the other two wires to the wires per the forum.it works great with my xm radio.it works good with my ipod but won't get loud enough to rattle the windows[the xm has higher output power]i was going to hook it to the overriding input but i would have needed a plug to plug into the radio.
  19. on a 89 reatta,are the wires already in the plug for the upper aux input or do i need a plug from a later radio?if so where do they go since theres no aux audio source?in other words are there wires to tap or do i need to add wires?
  20. i went to pull a part and got a module for a 94 regal.it bolted right in.everything was the same.it works great,the radio gets loud and no static.no equlizer ,but i always leave then centered anyway.it sounds like i need to replace a couple of speakers.
  21. my 1989 radios acting up.i guess ill go to pull a part saturday and find me a chevy truck module.then i can rehook the broke cassette player and my sat[or maybe my sat and my ipod...]thanks daniel
  22. i had two 68 cougars.i acidently totaled both of them back in the seventies.i saved the taillight control box from one of them.
  23. i will have to find out how to fill out the signature line.im glad to know the diagnostics of an 88 is the same.i signed up for the docs months ago,but this cars so complicated ive been taking it slow.thanks.
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