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  1.  i went there today.the car has been there two weeks and of course the only part missing from the car was the turn signal module.the headlight sw looked great and i brought a battery to check it.the headlights,parklights and off worked great.too bad i didn't check the light dimmer switch.i would have bought it anyway to have rebuilt.same with the wiper switch,intermittet doesn't work.that might be because its a 1986.the windshield was busted above the cluster and it was rusted up so i left it.the tv screen was the old type with touch outer buttons.the car had a short somewhere and my battery wires got hot fast so i couldn't check anything else.i would have liked to get one of the fenders to compare to mine but i would have had to remove the hood.the car wasn't wrecked but the front trim was severely tarnished.the front bumper looked like aluminum.i also grabbed the wrong color seatbelt receivers. Vehicle Inventory | Charlotte | LKQ Pick Your Part

  2. 3 hours ago, padgett said:

    If you short the output terminals on the relay socket does it come on ? Do you have a flashing signal on the coil ?

    yes the bulb works when i jumped the relay.its not getting the signal from the turn signal module or broke wire.also the dash indicators blink twice and then stay on.coil?would a 1986 riv module be the same?

  3. On 5/8/2021 at 10:07 AM, ChrisWhewell said:

    In my '90 model..... what's a good windshield worth ?  About $1500 , IF you can find one ?   Then, the headlamp switch itself, a couple hundred.   Rims ?  The engine ?   I mean.... there's about $2500 in parts, easily.    As the "dollar" is kicked down its path to hyperinflation, the day may come when even a beater is worth $10k, because $10k is only worth what $5k used to be worth.

    Scrap iron was a penny a pound when they made the '90, today scrap iron is eight cents per pound.    That means my Reatta is worth eight times its original scrap value, in terms of devalued Federal Reserve's "notes".   Spend it while you can, while it still has buying power !

    the rims are worth very little.i have some you can buy cheap.the same engine is in millions of cars.

  4. 18 hours ago, Ronnie said:

    I've always thought a Reatta would look good with a front clip installed like my old Pontiac Fiero Formula had. I doubt it would come close to fitting. I would still have the Fiero if I wasn't so damn big. I'm much bigger now but I still fit in my Reatta.



    one of my thoughts was to find a fiero in great condition but needing an engine and swap the reatta engine in.but it seems to be a major undertaking.

  5. 13 hours ago, ChrisWhewell said:

    Hi Ya'll, I look and I find ..... good.. running... Reatta's being offered for sale in various places, but.... the asking price is WAAAYYYYY too low !    Why do I suggest this ?


    1) Inflation.   Today's $4000 is the equivalent of about $2700 in terms of spending power, vs. not that long ago..... Been to the grocery store lately ?   The lumberyard ?   Romex prices ?    etc.


    2) A good running and relatively reliable car, that is the prettiest car of its style ever built, should be worth no less than about $6000, no way, no how.


    Don't short-sell your car !!

    you have to ask a realistic price if you really want to sell it.i really need to proof read my posts.

  6. 3 hours ago, ChrisWhewell said:

    To the OP.... Great Save !!     I don't personally care for the overall look, but my sentiments are irrelevant !   Thanks for providing "food for thought"... I love pioneering thoughts like this !!

    im still trying to figure what year front end that is.


  7. the more i look into it the more i prefer the 89 up front end.it seems that rivieras went with composite headlights in 1988 and then a whole new front end in 1989.im going to look into swapping one of those.

  8. i found a local 1986 in a junkyard.is there a list somewhere for what to grab off it.i know[by experience]that the tape player is different.its hard to tell by the picture how much of the front clip is worth buying.

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