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  1. How much for your v12? Where are you located? Chuck
  2. Do you still have the v-12 for sale? Chuck
  3. Hi, Do you still have the 41 Coupe for sale? Chuck
  4. Do you have any 40-48 Lincoln Parts for sale? I have a 41 continental coupe and am looking both interior trim, door or side panels & seats, panel & drivtrain parts. Car ran when last parked in 1963. Car has complete 1952 Cadillac engine, Cadi automatic trans, driveshaft, rear end and both 52 Cadi rear springs with airplane type shocks. Do you have a 41 Lincoln OD transmission, OD driveshaft and OD torque tube? Thanks, Chuck Clark clarkinnm@gmail.com
  5. Do you still have the 48 V12 for sale?
  6. I have a 41 Lincoln Continental Coupe. I am trying to disassemble the skirt lock assembly from the skirt. I have removed all 4 screws mounting the lock assy to the skirt plus the one screw on the back of the locking/unlocking nut. The only thing holding the lock assy to the skirt is the outside lock/unlock nut. How do I separate the lock/unlock nut from the skirt locking assembly without destroying it? Is the left side disassembly different from the Right side? Thanks Chuck
  7. Hi Parker, I saw your post and I joined too. I am in southern NM. You have my full interest. Will you be making up a listing of parts you have? Where are your parts located? Are you accepting individual want lists of Lincoln parts needed? I have a 41 Continental Coupe with a 52 Cadillac drivetrain that I just hauled home. It had been left out in the weather a number of years with both rear quarter windows and the driver's door glass missing. The interior is shot my number 1 need is a solid continental coupe dash or a 41 Zephyr dash to use for sheet metal patch. My dash is butchered from left side of radio opening to the glove box. Thanks Chuck.