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  1. Sometimes the most obvious is right in front of us. Will try that next. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help, The cables are new as was the battery but I may have gotten a bad one. It just cranked slowly at first so I put it on the charger. The charger may be bad as it was showing 0 amps. Guess it will be back to Costco for another battery this Saturday.
  3. Hello everyone. I have a 64 Buick Wildcat (I have posted about it on the general forum). We are looking to sell the car so this weekend I tried to start it. The vehicle had not been started by me for about a year, unfortunately it just was not a priority (big mistake). The engine (425 nailhead) has been rebuilt about three years ago. I put in a new battery, replaced the fuel filter and cleaned out the carbs. Then tried to start it. It turned over then nothing, no lights radio or other power in the vehicle. Is there a fuse or other place I can look/ replace to get going. Until today when the key was turned I at least got lights on the dash etc. Would appreciate any hints on starting this car. link to some more pics Kristi's Page
  4. The problem is she would dirve the car with a very heavy foot:) she had a red 70 duster 340 as her first car. Now she just flys in her five series BMW. Me, I love driving my 98 v10 dodge 2500 4x4. slow and steady.
  5. If any one is interested I have added a scan of the original car invoice from the dealer to the photos along with a few mor pictures.
  6. Bryan, again thanks for the thought. But I must be the only one that didn't know, not being a "car guy". When I was researching on the web last night to list the car I asked the wife (her brothers car) if she was sure that the car was a 1964 as some of the pictures in personnal adds seemed different than ours. At that point she handed me the original car invoice from reynolds, Buick Inc. in Covina, CA. This site really has been a help!
  7. Some really great comments. Thank you all. Yes this is a real car, Engine No 6K102 7125. I would love to keep the car as a daily driver, the brakes and engine have been rebuilt but I am not into restorations. I love motors and wheels but at this point in my life would rather spend the time in the seat of my Roadking
  8. please click on the 64 Buick Wildcat photo link for pictures. thanks
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, will keep that number in mind, although I was hoping for a little more Have been offered $3,000 at this point by a "friend", to take it of our hands.
  10. Long story short story, my brother inlaw passed away and left us this car. It orginally belonged to his best friend who died in the 1960s. His friends parents then gave him the car. I have an original bill of sale, it lists: Super turbine, high performance engine, spring option 1b among other info. Engine was rebuilt about three years ago (radiator re-cored also). It has a 425 cubic inch engine with dual quads ( two four barrel carbs) and chrome air cleaner cover. It ran about a year ago, but has not been started since. The exterior is a little rough, my brother in laws idea of keeping up the paint was to use primer. The dash is original with the original radio and center console 4 speed. the interior is fair, the drivers bucket has a tear and needs new foam. So my question is this a rare car? if so what is a fair sales price? The car still has the original California plates. Thanks for any help. Richard (rmonfils@msn.com) 64 Buick Wildcat (photos)
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