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  1. I'll be cruising Wed and Thurs, maaaybe Fri. But if I go Sat I'll be parked, I left LA because I like to avoid 20 mile traffic jams..! It would definitely be cool to see more Rivs on Woodward...
  2. and to all a good night..
  3. As Jim says, ground.. Most electrical gremlins on these cars are bad grounds. In fact, I always make sure there is a clear ground before I do anything else...
  4. 65 Purple, glad I could help. Your gonna love the remote trunk, I never use my keys anymore except of course the ignition.. Thanx GM, I'm really digging your new toy..! Hey Scott, the kit was from Tony in Australia... I got it back when the ROA was just a series of emails ( a while ago , remember that? ). Not sure if he's still putting them together, and to be honest I'm a little foggy on the details.. I just remember the rotors and calipers are from the Holden designed GTO and it was bolt on (nice kit).. In case anyone missed it... 1965 Buick Riviera - Rod & Custom Magazine
  5. 65Purple, I'm out of town at the moment but I have this pic of how I attached the solenoid, I hope this helps. This is the back of the latch, i.e. screen left is driver's side.. Thanx again everyone for the support.. I keep forgetting to post this, here is the poster of Goldfinger I was selling for Autorama...
  6. Thanx Rob... I see you're in Canada, I just found out they got a pic of my car in the current Canadian Hot Rod (vol 7, issue 5)... Cool mag. 65Purple, yeah everything is stock. I have the solenoid tied in to the bottom of the latch, pulling from the driver's side... Work's like a charm.. Mike, thanx for the kind complements...
  7. Thanx Jon, I really appreciate it.. 65Purple, It's been a while but I know I used the 15 pound solenoid on their setup so I'm sure this is pretty much the same setup I used.. It's great not having to use keys for the trunk and it has great range, I use this all the time. Good luck.. Power Trunk / Hatch Kit 15lbs* autoloc.com
  8. Yeah this car is very cool I dig the split look too!! I have not seen it in a while, last I saw it was before I owned a Riviera, I have a new appreciation for it now! Very cool pic Ed, you're a lucky man!! I does suck they are not able to send these beauties out as much as they did, but hopefully that will change soon!!
  9. Hey Steve, I'm answering that question a lot.. Well they sent me a tech sheet form that asked about the cars specifics and then it asked to elaborate the cars history and what not. So I wrote a stream of conscious story just to give the writer as much background as I could think of, definitely didn't expect it to be printed as is. Not being a writer, I imagine my phrasing, etc. was weak and somehow got misunderstood. Who knows... I certainly wish that had been cleared up or checked before printing.. I do have the autoloc "shaved" door handle system installed on the doors and also their remote trunk kit installed. I put them on as soon as I got the car because I like having the remote setup, I figured I'd shave the handles and do the body work when I got access to a welder. Plans changed a bit, the Autolocs for the doors did fail and here we are... I will replace the solenoids, but I'm still not sold on loosing the handles. I want to drive this everywhere and I'd like to use the doors on a regular basis!! Thanx for all the positive feedback everyone!
  10. Was able to check out the Heritage Museum on friday and naturally went straight to the Rivs... I know most of you have probably seen the SA III at one point or another, but I thought I'd post these jik.. There was only 5 of us so not all the lights were on so these cel picks are a little crap but still a cool car!!
  11. Hey John, congrats on the new Riv, they're very special cars!! I got your pm and figure it would be better to answer here just so others can add to anything I suggest.. I've got air bags on mine so I cannot help you on the suspension suggestions, but from my experience what made a huge improvement in performance was to replace the rubber in the suspension. New ball joints and bushings made all the diff with steering, new rear bushings (track bar especially in my case) and body mounts got rid of the body movement a lot... You might wanna start there, I'd bet most if not all those items could use replacement. From my experience these cars handle pretty good with a restored stock suspension.. Good luck,
  12. It's out now, check it out if you get a chance... The August issue is out in may... Go figure:D
  13. Thanx Mike, no worries my autographs are still pretty cheap!:D Jim yeah it's pretty cool, I definitely didn't expect it... Thanx Rob, this color really gets a lot of attention from all types of car guys which is pretty cool. It really shows of the awesome lines of the first gen.. Whitewater, it's going to be in the August 2012 issue of Rod and Custom. There is a small pick of my car on the upper right hand corner of the cover. The one out right now is the July 2012 issue- even though it's only May!!:confused:
  14. Thanx everyone, I know what you mean R&C is one of the few mags left that you'll see a Riv in. The rodder's journal is a great mag, but I think they've only had 1 Riv featured ever!! The spread looks pretty cool, I can't wait to see it in print. Here's another cool shot by another photographer done during the same week.. Photo © Patrick Daly
  15. I'm so stoked I got into one of my favorite mags!! It's the first article on the Riv so I had to share... I just wanted to thank all of you here at the ROA for all your help... Photo:© John Jackson @ NotStockPhotography
  16. I used this.... Rigid Plastic Repair Kit Clear I reinforced the back with some fiberglass and it was pretty strong. I'm sure it's probably just a resin compound but it works... I used a d/a and sanded off the paint (up to 600 I believe), be sure to get it real well with the wax and grease remover before primer and paint. The interior plastic is the weakest part of these cars, but it is a much thicker plastic than on new cars!!!
  17. Thanx Steve, sent you a PM...
  18. Splines are the same, but the pins are in different positions. I know the '63 and '65 pins weren't even close, not sure how different the '64 is.
  19. Yeah I have an old am/fm walkman I plan to hook up so I can listen to them fancy stations:D!!
  20. Good to know he's an ROA member, I told him it was going in a Riv but he didn't mention it when I spoke to him. To me this is one of the coolest new products, I love hearing that radio play good tunes again. This will make those trips in the Riv much more enjoyable!! If anyone gets this, post your experiences I'd love to hear them...
  21. Cool, thanx Jim.. RediRad Classic Car AM and FM radio adapter- MP3/Satellite Radio to AM or FM band Check out the videos this guy has on the site if you want to see this in action. Like I said I really have never even met this guy, but he's very helpful on the phone, the product is made in the US, and he even gives you a money back guarantee. I have no problem giving him a recommendation from my experience... And I look forward to cruising the Riv with some good tunes!!
  22. Not sure if this has been mentioned before here (I couldn't find it by searching), but I bought this adapter for my stock radio and I can finally listen to my iPod in my Riv!! It's called RediRad and it's a real simple hook up, and it sounds as great. I do not know or in any way get anything from this company, I'm just passing on my experience as FYI. I can finally listen to all my radio programs from the 60's, etc. instead of news or talk radio!! Anyway, it works by bypassing your antenna signal and my radio sounds as good as it ever has. It's not perfect, it is an am radio after all but it fits well with the car and NO PERMANENT modifications to the car, which is what I really wanted. I won't post the link unless it's OK, I kinda feel like this may be taken as spam, but honestly I'm just tickled by it and wanted to share to like minded individuals.. (I just reread my post and it does sound like spam, so I will delete if it offends!)
  23. The Sloan museum auto fair? That would be cool to see the research gallery, I've never been. That happens to be my birthday, I may have to treat myself!! I'm really curious about the grill, I've never seen it "open"...
  24. Love this car!! I do have a couple of questions that I've not been able to find the answers to... Is that a clock in the center console? I had thought it was a tach, but it sure looks like a clock and a fuel gauge? where the clock is on the production Riv. And I'd live to know how the grill works... It looks like there are doors in the grill that open for air, Is that true?? If so, how did they work, do they manually open with a lever or some other means?? I love the clean look, I'm just really curious... maybe a clamshell type mechanism?? I've got to see this in person.. Is it at the heritage center??
  25. You need something thin enough to slide between the chrome and the plastic, I use my pocket knife. There are three tabs in the plastic that need to be released. Pry inward and pull out gently (very thin plastic!!) . Work around the plastic until the tabs release... It takes very little force to remove them... Aaron
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