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  1. I don't know this to be the absolute truth, but a fellow called me today (12-20-08) and told me that #836 is in a garage in Florida. Thanks for the post! Ryan Fuller ryanhfuller@gmail.com (801) 301-0302
  2. Matt-I am totally into "cool finds" like this where you can actually know how something came to be. I really wish I had gotten a recording of the original owner talking about the car before she passed. I guess the car was only 35 years old then Anyway, I was absolutely stunned when the fellow at the Garage told me that he was working the floor when this car was delivered. I didn't know what to say to him. It made want to go buy a new Lucerne or something from him. He was so low key about it, it was jsut unbelieveable. He said to me like "oh yea, by the way, I was a salesman here when t
  3. Brian-I totally appreciate your comments! I wish there was a way to post the pictures that you sent me. Especially the Baker Garage! Yes it was Glen and I about fell over when he told me that not only did he have the sales information, he was on the floor in 1954 and knew the original buyer of this car well. It was just stunning!! I asked him if I brought the car up, would he allow me to take a picture of him behind the wheel sitting in front of the Garage and he said sure. He said that the Garage is largely the same as it was in '54. He said that the shop part is exactly as it would hav
  4. I happened to call the Buick garage where the car was originally sold new two days ago 12-14 or 15. I did not now if it even still existed. I used 411 and sure enough my called was answered. I asked the fellow if he was a Buick dealer he said he was. I asked him if this was the same dealership as it would have been in 1954. He said it was and that he, in fact, was one of three salesmen who worked at the dealerhip in '54. I told him that my mom ownes a 1954 Buick Skylark that was purchased from the dealership. He said hold on a minute and when he came back on he asked me for the body numbe
  5. This last post was by Brian Laurance a fellow who saw the car in Oregon. I don't know why it wont post here on the site but I found it really fun to hear someone elses memory of the car.
  6. This car is from my hometown of Baker City, Oregon, and I met the original owner and sat in the Skylark in his garage in about 1978. I first remember seeing this car on the streets of Baker City when I was a very young child in about 1960. I am aware of the story about the dealer trade with a Seattle-area dealership, and this account was conveyed to me by both the original owner and by Eldon Baker, a now-deceased owner of the Baker Garage, Baker City's Buick dealership since 1913. When I looked at the car in 1978 (last time I saw it), it was indeed completely original, including the convertibl
  7. I will email you as many detailed pictures as I can take. I believe that all of those item mentioned in your post are indeed intact. I will have to take the cover off the inner fender to see if I can get a picture of the hydro pump for the top and windows (which work just like ought to might I add). I believe there is a white number "70" stamped on the heater. The car also has the original glass "jar" for the wiper fluid and a sticker on the driver side quarter window with some kind of ceram-o-plate paint protection(may have been added by dealer). I have a key to the car that appears to b
  8. MR. Earl-You are correct, I have checked the code plate and it is a #11. Which would make the car Malibu Blue rather then Robins Egg. Thank you for enlightning me and all of the interested parties on this car. Very Helpful! Regards, Ryan Fuller ryanhfuller@gmail.com (801) 301-0302
  9. Mark-Thank you so much for posting the pictures of the Skylark for me! Ryan
  10. I have a highly documented, all original 1954 Buick Skylark that I am need to sell. This car was purchased from the original owner about 15 or more years ago. I do have all of the exact dates upon request. This is a true 80,000 mile car that would be refered to as a survivor car. The paint, top, interoir, 5 kelsey-hayes wheels, hydrolics, etc. are all original. There are new tires, and the only other exception is that we had the bumper rechromed by Ogden Chrome about 10-12 years ago. This car was sold in 1955 by way of a trade for two buick centuries which were delivered from a dealership in
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