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  1. Well I decided to dig out some photographs and have a look again. I apologize for me posting a picture of an old picture but I believe they are good enough where we can tell by the surroundings that these pictures are indeed old. There are a few differences between the chassis in the picture vs. the one I have, and the wheels are different too. I can only imagine these are old promo pictures where someone was using these to raise capitol for their new car manufacturing venture and they were taking these pictures around showing to potential investors. If you look in the pictures, you will s
  2. Well, you both are possibly correct however I believe someone told me that all friction-drive Lamberts were dual chain drive. As for the radiator hose situation, I believe if you look at a 1909 Hupmobile, you will see a strong similarity, and I have something else that may confirm it is correct. Also, the family was able to give me some chassis photos from the deceased that I think are definitely old. If they are a re-created photograph, someone went way beyond photoshopping. As I understand it, this vehicle was restored sometime in the mid to late 1950s. I have not viewed the
  3. I totally understand and concur with your thoughts however while I cannot go into specific details, suffice it to say that sometimes things happen to an owner -and the heirs cannot agree with one another and so something sits 'abandoned' until it falls into such a state. The vehicle is in my possession now out of the weather, however I am unsure of the future. Ironically since this topic has resurfaced I will offer a little update. The biggest issue I have encoutered is for the 'legal system' to recognize this as an automobile, you need some way to positively identify it. Additi
  4. I guess it is possible. It sure seems like someone went to a huge amount of work just for a movie prop though. If so, why do you suppose they went to the trouble to use an open valve engine and a friction drive transmission and or chain drive rear end?? When you look closely at the frame, it seems like every bracket was cast or stamped to do the purpose in which it is doing. Almost every bracket is riveted to the frame too. Definitely a puzzler!
  5. BTTT. Has anyone found an operational manual to one of these now? FWIW, I would pay the $41 for a manual (-or ice copy) to the 3001.
  6. Can you send me your contact info? Send it to brent@btvintageauto.com please.
  7. How close does it need to be? There are folks coming from Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Delaware, and other states too. The last I checked, Virginia still adjoins Tennessee, ... and my shop is only 20 miles or so across the Virginia line. Surely you can reconsider and come partake. (While you're here, we'll look at a '31 Chev Landau Phaeton, an unrestored '32 Chev Four door with original paint getting a mechanical restoration, -and might even discuss some wood coachcrafting on Chevies. )
  8. Marv, does Part Number: 5949037 cross to anything you have??
  9. Thanks Marv, but I don't at this time. I may try to see if I can find someone who would have that for you. I appreciate your reply.
  10. Looking to purchase Left Tail Light Lens for 1958 Buick Roadmaster-door Model 75. Thanks!! (Pictures below of the lens needed)
  11. Bob, FWIW, I received a private message that said on the past several tours, the Reliability tour has been held in conjunction with the Horseless Carriage Club of America, and as long as the engine and driveline were all HCCA eligible, then participation on the Reliability Tour should be acceptable. I also agree there are rules, and why have them if they are not going to be followed. Granted there are many that have clearly not followed those rules in the past, but that does not make ok for the future. Adding to this thought, the running gear seen above will probably be on the Re
  12. Great point. Is AACA “recognized” and “eligible” the same thing or different??
  13. Using the car pictured below as an example, what determines eligibility for a vehicle to participate on an AACA Reliability Tour? Naturally someone just calling it a 'Pre-1916' does not make it so, ...and so often a Speedster's mechanical parts are not the most pure-bred either, so what specifically is the minimum standard/level of parts that makes it acceptable in AACA's eyes? (Here is a video that might show a little more detail of the car) https://youtu.be/vYZ8uQ0VkiA
  14. I also find this entire topic very interesting -and although I am generally a lurker here, if I may I would like to offer my thoughts on a comment or two from above. I concur with Mr. Hammers on several of his comments, -and although I don’t know all the facts from both sides of the Impala restoration, I don’t believe I would have been interested in consummating or continuing a business relationship either based on the owner's demands as they were stated above. FWIW, I often have potential clients ask me for business references and personal recommendations from former clients. I
  15. Lets bring this thread up out of the dungeon for another go of it. Any thoughts now? Going a different direction, lets assume I restored the car and want to register it for a show or tour, ....what name do I list on the application then?? (The old car with dementia that cannot remember what its name is!!)
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