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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Matt Harwood</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I'm still no fan of modifying these cars, but if they're going to be modified, doing it to Packard-worthy standards is the only way to do it. We've all seen the amateur abortions out there (that white limo with the Viper drivetrain, the yellow sedan with--ugh--fender skirts, the red, white and blue sedan, etc.). Raune, avoid that and you'll go a long way towards not upsetting people. </div></div> Trust me, I have modified a lot of cars in my life, but I have never hacked one up. I always bear in mind that a car should be able to be put back to stock. I watched in horror as one of my friends took out the fire wall with an air chisel to make the power brakes work on his '37 Dodge. I honestly don't know how hacked up this '37 is, I'm hoping it's not at all, but I'm guessing it is. Someone dropped a small block Chevy in it, put a Chevy rearend in, and put a rack and pinion steering in it. It's rough as hell and I'm going to need to do a full body off the frame restoration on it, but I'm going to save an old Packard (If I do buy it.) When you come right down to it, that's not such a bad thing is it? By the way, this is what I'll be having to put up for sale if I do buy the Packard. It's been modified a bit, but it still looks like a stock '66. Something similar is my plans for the Packard.:
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dave Mitchell</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hi Raune, and welcome to the forum. Most Packard guys are good folks and will help you all they can, but you are right, not everyone will give up parts to a street rod project if they feel that someone who is doing an authentic restoration could use them; some people don't care, and as long as you pay their price they will sell you anything. In short, it may be a bit harder to find parts cheap for this project. Since you already have an interest in Packards, I would encourage you to look at original (not modified) Packards before you make your decision. There are a lot of Packard owners who would love to show you their cars, take you for a ride and perhaps even let you drive a real Packard and then you can get a feel for why they have the reputation and even mystique that they do. This has everything to do with engineering, build quality, style, and they way they drive - the bulk of which will be significantly changed in a modified car. The other facet which I really enjoy in owning a vintage car is the history of it - whether it was owned by Joe the plumber or a Hollywood star, researching the previous life of your car can be fun and rewarding, and gives you a little extra to talk about when people ask you about your car. Even if you can't find out any of the history, you can sit it in and imagine life as it was when the car was new - the music, traffic, stores, fashion etc. To me, a car that is original is much more of a historical experience than one that has been modified. Yes, it is true, some rods may be worth more, but not many, and to me value isn't the deciding factor anyway. I love sedans, limos, formal sedans, and town cars as well as open cars and I like cars from the preteens to WWII and beyond, not just those that are valuable in terms of dollars. There are some great Packards out there which you can drive and enjoy without spending lots of money. I don't know where you live, but I, or someone here can probably tell you where to find a Packard guy in your area, or you can join one of the Packard clubs or CCCA and look in the member roster. You will find that if you have an original car, you will be more welcome in the hobby clubs like CCCA, AACA, PAC, PI, etc. These are great social groups with activities that it is fun to participate in with an old car, where you can make lots of new friends. </div></div> Dave, That was an excellent reply. One of the reasons I love old cars is to sit and them and think about history and what the owners were doing when things like the Pearl Harbor attack happened. That being said, this car could be saved and brought back to original, but as far as I can tell it's a plain jane '37 4 door. It's missing the interior, the bumpers, and all the trim pieces. It would cost me more then the car is worth to hunt down even an original engine/tranny combination for the car. As you or someone else said, it's not what your car is worth...it's how much enjoyment you get out of the car. I'm going to be giving up a near show quality '66 Impala two door with less then 1000 miles on the engine and 77,000 original miles. I've just always wanted a Packard and if I have to settle for a modified one I will. EDIT: A few others had excellent posts. I would love an original Packard like my grandfather used to drive, but I can't afford a $40K toy car. I'm going to meet with the guy tomorrow and see if we can work out a deal. Someday I hope to be able to afford a Packard that is original and sit in the garage, but at this point in time I'm excited that I have the extra money to afford this car and get to say I may soon own a Packard....even if it costs me my Impala.
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    I have a magazine story on Grandad's motorhome that was written by the guy that turned it into a coupe/convert...I'll try and get it scanned and share it with you. I had just grabbed a magazine and started reading a story entitled "I Restored the Parts Car" and it began with "I bought a 1939 Packard motorhome..." and the bells went off in my head that grandad built the only one. Thank you very much for the info, I'm going to look at the car tomorrow and with any luck I'll be a new Packard owner soon (Albeit a modified Packard)...just like Grandad.
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    Is "Streetrod" a nasty word here? I have a chance to pick up a straight '37 4 door that someone has tossed a 350 Chevy in. It's in primer and probably not to far gone to be put back to original, but I don't have that kind of money or patience. I've always wanted a Packard. My grandfather loved Packards and built the only Packard motorhome that I know of. He took a '39 dual side mount 4 door and cut off the backend, lengthed the frame and mounted a trailer on the back. He also took two over drive trannies and mated them together...I wish I could remember the details but I wasn't even born when he did all this. I used to play on the car when I was a kid and the last I heard some in Spokane, WA bought it and turned it into a coupe/convertable. Anyways, I can pick this '37 up at a decent price...would y'all frown on someone with a street rod? I'm not going to hack the car up or anything and I'd prefer to make it a resto rod which means I'm going to need a lot of help running down parts. Thanks.