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  1. A friend is offering some of his Citroens for sale. Contact me direct for better pictures> All are model years 1965 - 1967 Buy one or all of them. Mostly rust free, located in Arizona. All were driven to current location / ran when parked. 4HQ1@MSN.COM
  2. I understand most adds placed here are geared toward the American cars,.... One would think,...any pre war parts would interest many readers,.. so,... here is the link... http://type300.com/id190.html There are loads of other vintage Mercedes parts available also: Please pass on the information to the relevent seekers. We are always looking for NOS vintage Mercedes parts. Contact me through the link within the Type300.Com front page. Thanks
  3. I did not mean to say he/she lietrally had a London Taxi or Yellow cab. I was simply trying to communicate " what is rare here,... is not rare there". Any way,.. I have forwarded the email to the buyer in LA, hopefully this come to new ownership.
  4. Mud pud, I got an email from Mary,..if that was Via you,..thanks. She has basically stated the same thing as you have: "The car is in LA and is open for inspection, BUT she is still trying to determine the value". I respect the fact that you want more time to research this car and get the greatest value from it.......but I think its fair to summate your sitiation as this..... You've basically got a London Taxi,.....here they are rare, but over in the UK,..people will not be interested. If I am wrong,...I will here about it from readers in the forum in follow up posts,... The most important thing I want to communicate with you ,..is that I have a potential buyer for this car,...If I don't here from you or Mary,...I'll respect that you are still undecided. 4HQ1@MSN,COM
  5. Dave, I saw the same post. I contacted Barry and he assured me that there were differences. He was kind enough to send a picture of his 31'. I would post it here, but don't have his permission. Up a few photographs, there are 2 Nashes in a picture I posted. The lights are similar to the ones this mystery car is missing and maybe the ones Barry needs. I also found pictures of a Nash, the vents are similar,..large and numerous. Cadillac and Packards also also close. The answer to this is to issue is to work backwards. I need to find out or discover the manufacturer of the "handles" or "ornaments"on the vent doors. If you want to throw a 'side winder" into this pile of thoughts,...I was told the lines on the rear fender could be the outline of a Boat tail.
  6. Mud Pud,.. If the price is right, I have an interested party. Email me direct and I'll give you my phone #. 4hq1@msn.com Are you considering buying it,..or do you just want it to go to a good home?
  7. All of this stuff came from a barn. I know its T'Bird but dont have the smarts to know what models they go to. Looks like a couple sets of tail lights so at least 2 different cars. I have no use for these - Prefer to sell them all at bulk prices. I will gladly sell individual items. Its only the stuff on top of or beside the blue totes. Located in Manassas, Virginia. 4HQ1@MSN.COM
  8. Hello members, This could well be an Armstrong Siddeley body from the British company famous for their cars and aeroplanes. The radiator cowling is typical. The fuelcap has the name Tenaxit on it which was a Britsh firm making carkeys. They might also have made locks and apparently did make a quick release mechanism for the bonnet.
  9. 4HQ

    2 door Mystery

    To see the rest of the car: ALFA
  10. 4HQ

    2 door Mystery

    I'm trying to figure out what make and model this car is. Its possible its a home creation or a mix and match. Regardless, I'd like to at least identify the components. What manufacturer had these creases in the fenders? What about the vents are they Packard? The entire thread is here: http://forums.aaca.org/f169/what-make-model-mystery-vintage-car-287569.html Thanks
  11. These crease lines have got to be a dead givaway to a manufacturer?
  12. My fault on your google search. TENAXIT PAT 31831X X because I cant make out the last #
  13. I saw these lights on Craigslist, I'm tempted to buy them. Then for sure it would be mixed fruit on wheels. When all is said and done I would strive to compete against this Japanese car in blue.
  14. No engine. If you click on the ALFA link you'll see all the pictures.
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