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  1. 10 minutes ago, Casper Friederich said:

    Found this postcard in my late uncle's belongings. Nordisk aan Zee, Holland

    Hanomag Rekord, Front-wheel driver two-strokevAero Minor (CZ), Fiat 500, Vauxhall 1949-52 Ford Perfect (GB), 1946-48 Us Ford, Buick and 2 x Tempo Matador three-wheelers...

    The somewhat battered two-doorbto the right on the other side of the road is a Skoda 1101


    And the next one to the right of the Tempos is a 1946 Chevrolet - with its one-year-only hood 'ornament'.

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  2. Christchurch, New Zealand, 1952.  The Waltham Road over bridge - it is still there but much updated. I think the road surface was in the midst of an upgrade when this photo was taken.


    It was a time when there were still post war shortages - especially of new cars, although due to the demand for wool brought on by the Korean War there were more cars imported in 1952 than in the year before and after. Licences to import relied heavily on the country's balance of payments at the time.


    Taxis were all black - the closest one is a Vauxhall Model LIP Velox and the other is a '39 Oldsmobile. 1939 was the last year that Oldsmobiles were sold new in NZ. A total of 98 were imported and sold over the period 1939-40, most would have been the low price Series 60. In the 1950s NZ's car imports were mostly from Britain.


    Most importantly many people still relied on bicycles to get around town.





    waltham rd.jpg

  3. 12 minutes ago, 8E45E said:

    Is that even an Australian license plate?




    I found this pic on the net - definitely a Rolls - but is it 1954? The photo is from a 'members only site', the Herald Sun. I snuck the photo off the google page but couldn't access the info.


    See the source image


    Here is one that say it is 1954 and it is one of Daimlers that were built in 1946-37 for the tour by George VI that didn't happen due to his health.


    [Royal visit. Queen Elizabeth II, Melbourne 1954] [picture] , State Library of Victoria (slv.vic.gov.au)




    1954 again, with the Daimler landaulet, a Humber Imperial, two Humber Super Snips and two Daimler Conquests.


    See the source image

  4. About every five to ten years a group of (mostly) vintage Bentleys makes a tour of New Zealand - usually 20 or more cars. I think the first was in 1999. I recall one event from a few years later there were five (out of the 100 built) eight litre cars. That tour coincided with one run by the vintage Vauxhall group from Australia - not often you see a dozen or so 30-98s together.


    Not an event for the 'impecunious'.



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  5. 1 minute ago, jeff_a said:

    I saw a photo of a massive Peerless 48 crankshaft built from scratch recently. Maybe it came from that shop.


    I don't know how much machining work Temperos do. 


    Auto Restorations occasionally make that sort of stuff from scratch. There are some skilled machinists out there.


    The Alfa Romeos from Auto Restorations have engines from overseas.


    Another recently completed project is this 1959 Testa Rossa - built around the mechanicals of a later model 456, so not '100% accurate' as the title of this thread discusses. I have seen it on the road a few times.


    Lots of photos - 1959 TR 250 Representation | Autorestorations



  6. 20 hours ago, 1939_Buick said:

    I have a pdf 2020 NZ Vintage Car Club list. Only 1 off 1932 Dodge listed (in Hamilton). Model number is not listed. Same person owns a 1930 Dodge and other cars of the era. Does not have an email address listed for this owner.



    Only 1 off 1932 Dodge registered in NZ (but may be others in sheds)



    Maybe the two Dodges (HT1943 and DM1932) in the photo above taken in 1996 were owned by the same person?


    DM 1932 is still on carjam. Hasn't had a wof since 2011 - note its date of first registration is May 1933 - late registrations are quite common for cars of that era - Report - DM1932 - 1932 DODGE SEDAN in Black with Blue | CARJAM

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