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  1. A friend found a better bait than peanut butter. We, too, had found that often the peanut butter was licked clean and the trap unsprung. Simply glue a sunflower seed to the pan of the trap. I caught several this past fall using this method. An added bonus....the bait is still good to go for next year! Rick
  2. I've sprayed alot of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer using standard enamel reducer from the auto parts store. That way you can use slow, medium, or fast depending on the weather conditions. I've also used enamel reducer with the lower priced "equipment enamels" sold at Fleet Farm with good results. I have always used a regular old fashioned spray gun with a quart can, or hooked it to a 3 gal pot for bigger jobs. Eventually I'll try the HVLP gig.....for fussier jobs. Rick
  3. Here's my new bride and I in our '17 Dodge last June. Plus a pic of the '24 Model T Tudor we bought for a mutual wedding gift. Rick
  4. I'm 33 and love prewar cars. When I look at cars on ebay motors, I usually only look at '37 and older. My grandpa had a '27 Chev, and I grew up riding around in it. It was in that car that I learned to drive at 9 years old. When you learn to drive in a car like that, you can drive almost anything on wheels! About 10 years after my grandpa's passing, my Uncle talked about hauling the car to lower michigan to sell it. I stepped up to the plate and bought it. I couldn't bear the thought of losing such a huge part of my childhood..knowing if it was once sold out of the family, I might never see it again. Another interesting thing about that car is that is was purchased new about a 1/4 mile down the road from where I live! It was my grandpa's claim that the Model T was the last good Ford built ('23 T roadster was his first car), so a few years after buying the '27 chev, I found a deal on a '23 Model T touring and jumped at the deal. A few years later I did a construction job for a collector in trade for a '17 Dodge touring. I just got married this past June, and my wife just loves the old cars...so we used money from the wedding towards the purchase of a '24 Model T Tudor! How's that for a supportive wife???? Now just have to try to keep that fleet rolling!! Rick McKay
  5. Hi Guys, After months of lurking I just signed up. I am the proud owner of a 1917 Dodge VIN 142XXX. It's alot of fun to drive! Sure puts a model T to shame...although I have to admit I have a few of those too! As you can see by the pic's the wheels aren't quite right. Someone has fitted 19" rims on it...probably due to the availability of 19" tires. I've been in touch with Rodger "Dodger" Hartley, and he sent me the breakdown on the different wheels used on Dodge cars and the serial # range they were used on. According to the attached chart, my car needs 1st Kelsey wheels. Could anyone out there get a good picture of the full wheel, and maybe a close up of the rim clamp? It would be nice to know what I'm looking for. The other thing I need for my car is a complete top as well as saddles. If anyone has pic's of these items to share, please send me a pm. Thanks Guys! Rick