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  1. I have been beating the bushes for information regarding these systems. They appear to be 1967 -1972 era . Ford Tested them on 428 engines in mustangs And Shelbys . I have a vehicle in my shop that was one of the test cars for this system and would like to find / or fabricate a working system for the restoration . Thanks for your help Phil
  2. My shelby is entered in Fords national contest I have made it to the final 8 cars. voting ends tommorow at noon and I am currently in 2nd place by about 20 votes . So If you could take 2 mins of your time and follow the link and like the photo (I think you will agree its the best photo in the group) You only need to be logged into face book and "Like " the photo Thanks for you help http://www.facebook.com/photo.<wbr>php?fbid=190960734316726&set=a<wbr>.190960494316750.48670.1080497<wbr>95941154&type=3
  3. Looking for 4 cylinder duPont engine , Has anyone ever seen one ? 1926-1928 any parts or any condition.
  4. I have been "attempting" to find the correct reinforced rubber for these spring shackles . Has anyone else been down this road all ready?
  5. I know of a a bunch just wondering if there were any in private hands , that I don't know about . I have about 30 listed as surviving . including many of the duPont family cars . I know Stan Smith will see him next week . Thanks for your input would love to see any pictures new more so the old one of these cars. currently restoring one looking for reference photos . Thanks Phil
  6. Does anyone on forum own any ? Have any Photos?
  7. Thanks I will give them a call.
  8. I have been looking for a source for hyatt roller bearings . Sources lead to New Departure Bearing but dead end . Looking for # 7666 and 7124 . these are used in wagner 4 speed t-4 a gear boxes . Any ideas ? Thanks Phil
  9. Looking for 12 K Continental straight 8 ,running or not, or Parts . Thanks Phil
  10. If the person that bought this collection is watching I would be very interested in some of these parts . Would you like to sell? contact me
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