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  1. I have the front end and doors, maybe the rear fenders and bumpers. No grille or trim. I can send pics if interested. No rot. My email is jays at epix.net
  2. Great picture and Grille ID'D. Thank you very much!
  3. Thanks keiser31, Looks could be. I can't seem to find any clear photos of a 37 Pickup, I'll keep lookin. Thank you for the lead.
  4. I was thinking 36 Dodge but isn't. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  5. The one with the horn ring is 17-1/4" diameter and the other black one is 18" diameter, Thanks for any leads.
  6. Any help appreciated. The lens reads Liberty Lens and has a pat date 12-8-14. Thanks!
  7. looks like 35 chevy truck
  8. This has an aluminum body and a clear glass lens, Any idea what it is from? Thanks!
  9. If anybody can ID I appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. Thanks all. Layden, I believe you hit it right. I opened it up and it has a bell inside. I crossed the contacts and the bell rang when I turned the handle. Thanks again, Jay
  11. <CENTER> Turning the handle gives you a slight shock from the top connectors. </CENTER>
  12. No, It has a round splined hole aproxx 7/16"
  13. Doesn't have to be real nice or an Olds part. Just so it isn't broken and will work.
  14. Needing a crank for the windshield. Doesn't have to be real nice, just not broken like mine.
  15. Hi Rich Sorry no cowl molding. Jay
  16. I just listed a bunch of parts cheap with mo reserve under the seller ID WILDDODGE. All from a 1932 Olds. I also have front and rear bumpers and 8 wooden wheels if anybody needs them.
  17. Hi Dan I have an oil pan from a 1933 truck, already off and cleaned up. Should be the same as a 1935. $40 plus postage if interested. You can email me jays@epix.net Jay
  18. I just listed a bunch of 32 Olds parts cheap with no reserve on ebay under the seller name WILDDODGE Thanks, Jay
  19. This measures just about a total of 5" long and 1" across the chrome face. Thanks!