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    Young guys?

    Thanks for all the replys! My experience here is just as it was at Hershey, nice people! Thanks....Boz
  2. BBoz

    Young guys?

    My 4 year old son has told me that the truck is his! Doesn't get any better than that. Back in 1982 I was 10. In my neighborhood there was a man by the name of Jack Natale. He had restored a 30 model a coupe in his garage behind his old farm house. He had three kids, 2 girls and 1 boy. I was friends with his son John who is 3 years older than me. His father was like a second dad to me. I spent more time with him than his son. My love for A's came from him. He would pick me up and put me in that rumble seat, me and his son. Up front would be John's dad and mom. The memories of that car and that family have never left. I still carry a skeleton key on my key ring that locked doors inside there house which would drive Mrs. Natale crazy. Jack Natale died in 1987 at 55 years old, that was a lose of a family member to me. That car sat in that garage for about 13 years untill his oldest daughter took it home with her. Fast foward to summer 2008. I have been looking for an A to hot rod for a few months and have missed out on 5 cars, some by just a day! One of my friends tells me about a guy with info on a model A coupe and truck. Took his phone number and almost did not call because of all previous disappointments. Make the call and come to find out both the car & truck are very nice originals, perfect for cutting! I inquired more about the coupe. He tells me the owner, Sharron, hates the thought of selling the car for fear of being cut up. Emotionally attached. Was her dads car. Started to ask how he knows her, whats here last name, tell him the story of my youth and that A. He tells me he'll give her my number. Here is were time slows and I think too much. Next day, Thurs. about 9:20 a.m. my phone rings, guess who..Sharron Natale! My heart stopped, hair stud up, get the picture. Sharron is 9 years older than me and was in college when I was around, but knows of me being around the house from her mom and dad. Went to see the car, she had John there whom I'd not seen for 18 years, drove that car around with John except this time we were in the front seat. Got pictures of that day! She told me she could not think of a better person to have that car and neither could I! She made me a photo album from pictures that go back to the 60's of that car. Mr. Natale had that car seems forever. Still waiting for Mr. Natale to yell at me to get out of his car! Still can't believe I own that mans car! Sharron had the car repainted in 2003 and replaced the tires with fresh white walls. Interior is how it was when I was a kid, in great condition. Interior is incorrect, but I'll nver change it. His name is stamped on the back of the kick panels. I'll never part with this car, my kid will get it when I'm dead! You cannot get the grin off my face when I drive it esp. with my son. Parked next to the coupe was a 31 A pickup. I took that home too. Both vehicles are green and black. Can't seperate them, like salt & pepper! That is how I got 2 A's. That is as brief as I could make it! Sorry for the long post guys! Thanks...Brian Bozarth
  3. BBoz

    Young guys?

    Younger meaning mid to early 30's. I'm 36 and get called the old guy by friends that are mid 20's. I took my 31 Model A pick-up to Hershey. Was in class 22b. Only joined AACA to go to Hershey and see if this was for me. Didn't have an interest in the swap meet, I stayed near my truck so I could interact with other people and see how people in the antique hobby are like. I got to tell you, I had a blast! Nice people is all I have to say! I will be back every year. Also, my truck won a 3rd Junior, very unexpected, was not there for an award. Just iceing on the cake! I love model A Ford's. Simple and easily fixed and maintained. I can't tell you how many people ask me if that A is really mine. I get the biggest kick out of that! A couple of people had said to me that I am an odd ball at my age with model A's. I get my stones broke bad by my friends because I will not hot rod them. There is way more to the story of how I came to own 2 A's. These are by far the most fun I have ever had! ....Boz
  4. Any younger people with early original (pre-war) cars? Was my first time at Hershey and didn't notice any.