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  1. JRFranklin I didn't think of that. So nice to have other opinions and options. As they say two heads are better than one. Thanks
  2. JFranklin, Thanks for to tip. I looked at this wonderful restoration process and am very impressed. My oil lines however have a top mounted inlet and a bottom mounted outlet.Do you think the outlet could be brazed to the top? I am hesitant to cut up my cannister without a clear plan. Again thanks for the thread tip.
  3. OK I goofed.Any way to change the old throw away cannister system on a 1929 DA 6cyl. Sedan to a more "modern" bypass or spin on system. Thanks for any help. Bob
  4. Sorry for the late responses but as you know life does sometimes get in the way of living. I got a valve spring compressor for a flat head off e-bay for less than $10. Still have not had much time to work on the car but I'll let you guys know what happens when I can get back to working on my car.
  5. Hi this is Bob with the radiator problem/money. E-mail me please if you have any working ideas or sorces, I'm desperate to get my car running.Bobvar@comcast.net
  6. Hello again, My radiator is shot. Need a new one for A 1929 DBDA 6. I dodn't care if it's original looking or not. This is a daily driver not a show car.My radiator man can get one but he says it's $2000 plus. Surely you guys know something he doesn't. Someday maybe I'll have the answers to some one elses questions. Thanks again. Bob
  7. I think I'll try E-Bay for one too. Never know. My wife and I were almost convinced to try and replace the original DBDA 6 with some later model 6. Not gonna happen!!!!
  8. Hey thanks for the quick responses to my quest. The valve I needed help with is only sticking open very slightly.After working on it yesterday I think I my have got it unstuck. We'll see.
  9. Does anybody have a good way to remove valves from a 29 DBDA. Where can I get flat head valve spring compressor? Can I use ohv spring compressor?
  10. I have a 29 DBDA 6 Still trying to get going. Need advice. I have oil sludge build up found when I removed side covers. I know I would need a new head gasket if I did overhaul. What about bearings other gaskets? I did a compression test and it's not good news. Two cylinders are at 25psi, one at 50psi and the rest are at 0.The car did run for about 15 minutes and then started to idle very rough then stopped. Replaced carb, new gas lines gas tank cleaned vaccum tank cleaned. I need your input.
  11. Jon Thanks for the advice. I was prepared for something alot more expensive. Hope your Holidays are good. Bob
  12. I recently replaced my original Stromberg carb with zenith and now the air cleaner does not have enough clearence under the manifolds. Is there a spacer for the carb or does anyone have other ideas..
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