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  1. Try oldcarlenses.com He could also look at Hershey for you.
  2. A concentric, opaque lens for Cowl (park) light.
  3. Please email me pictures to wmthayes@aol.com Know someone interested. Thanks,
  4. Article about the demise of Pontiac featured my car because of its age. See link Auto aficionados lament loss of popular Pontiac line : Family : Memphis Commercial Appeal
  5. you might try this website vintagealloy.com dont't know if they have any that old
  6. I've had luck with very careful use of isopropyl alcohol. No damage to the underlying paint. But don't know if that will work with POR15
  7. Not sure how Florida DMV works. Here in Tennessee, if you have an antique TN license in the car at all times - you may put any type plate on the car.
  8. These are patterned aluminum. Must be in good contion.
  9. Should I use it in my 28 Pontiac or 32 Chevy?
  10. This is the one for wire wheels, it has an indian brave head in red. It is 6 3/4 inches in diameter. Must be in very good condition.
  11. Cooling system pipe that sits on top of the engine block and connects the split block. 26 or 27 may work.
  12. I use 600 in the transmission and rear end, but I don't think it will go down this filler tube which is the size of a pencil. Seems a lighter weight may be indicated. Thanks for both replies. Tim Hayes
  13. My 1928 pontiac has an oiling tube for the throw out bearing, but I'm not sure which weight to use. Any advice? And where to get it?
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