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  1. A year or two ago I sold a Corcoran tail Lamp for a Model T, to a gentleman in Ohio. I suspect this person can fill you in on the history of the company, etc., because, as it turned out, his name was Corcoran and he was a grand or great grand son of the original dude. He bought my light off ebay, so I also suspect he might have a considerable collection of the varieties, etc., of the lamps' evolution. If you will send to me your email address, I will attempt to open a line of communicationfor you. I am certain I should have something in my email sent folder. My email is prs518@live.com. Perry
  2. If you are experienced with vacuum wiper motors, you probably know that letting up on throttle increases the wiper speed, because the butterfly on the carb is restricting the airflow, hence more vacuum. Choking the carb also has that effect. In either case, the vacuum advance is not advancing the spark as much as it should. This could result in your backfire which is lighting the fire with an intake valve open. As another poster mentioned, I would check for manifold vacuum leaks and also see if the timinig is set right.
  3. Barry, this seems like a good time to thank you once again for the detailed log you took the time to share with us as you restored your 42 Lincoln! It doesn't seem fair that you were visited with such bad luck; but maybe the fact that you are here to tell about it is a reflection on your Karma! I wish you and your significant other a speedy recovery. Don't let it get you down, friend.
  4. I was amazed to find that a standard tranny I haveshows it to have been for a 72 Ford Galaxy. Not sure if it is three or four speed, probably three. Anybody needs it send a pm to me. Not sure how many different bell housings it would bolt to.
  5. Was this the inspiration for the American Underslung, perhaps? This post is referring to the first Abe Lincoln coach on page one.
  6. Neat thread! I did not think, until now, that leaf spring suspension was available in 1865, as clearly it was on Abe Lincoln's coach!
  7. Remarkable survivor! I would bet it was hard to not be thinking HPOF.
  8. Perhaps in addition to the red tag, they painted the heads red like on Chrysler. I know this because a friend of mine has a very old relic of a combine with a red-painted head. Continental engines were ubiquitous in construction and mining during the 60s and 70s booms.
  9. Yes! That rings a bell. I believe the M60s had Teledyne Continentals all the way up to the 1980s.
  10. Speaking of Jewett, did any survive? Seems one never sees one! I think they made many thousands.
  11. Hmmm, another interesting and rather deep post! As I recall Newton's law of cooling says that the rate of change of temperature between systems is proportional to the difference in temperatures of the systems. It seems conceivable, then, that because of the higher radiator versus air temperatures, that the transfer capabilities of the higher temp product might be enough to offset its poorer (than water) heat capacity. Not sure how one would set up this problem with a mathematical model.
  12. I sure do wish you luck, if that is the Lycoming engine you was mentioning in earlier posts. Might be a tad scarce, but ya never know.
  13. Was Space Commander the one that literally used audio vibrations (Like when Ella Fitzgerald breaks a wine glass with resonance from her voice)? I recall seeing one of the transponders seems like it plucked a string which caused another string on the tv to resonate, and somehow used that to change the channel? Is that the space commander? Perry
  14. I visited Fountainhead and wanted to camp out inside their wonderful museum. I highly recommend a visit there to any car people. In reality, one can camp out within the complex which is definately the hospitality industry. It is truly a stunning collection. Great choices indeed!
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