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  1. Jeff_a, Sounds like a great plan. When do we go??!! Devon
  2. Jeff this will be great, Thanks for all the little bits of great info. Keep them coming. Devon
  3. The Green Dragon, Thanks for that info on the vacuum tank. It is great to know that it was not a Peerless only item and may be available. I have seen pictures of what it should look like on other Peerlesses. I will keep my eyes open and see if i can find one. On another note Jeff had asked if the steering wheel was all wood or metal and then wood grained. Yes it is all wood. I have an extra steering wheel that was in pretty rough shape that i just recently restored and now have in my living room on the wall. I will take some pictures and post them in a bit. Right now i don't have any pictures of it since i have finished it. Cheers Devon
  4. Hi guys, Several of you have mentioned or asked about the extending rear windshield. Yes it does fold up behind the rear seats. As has been mentioned it was not made by Peerless but by another company, However I am quite sure that it was installed by Peerless at the factory. It is seamlessly integrated into the rear of the front seat. Very sturdy, and all the original leather upholstery wraps around very nicely. Like i said it really looks original. I would never have thought it was not made by Peerless had it not been for the brochure that came with the car from this other company. I wish I could remember the name of the company but the brochure is out in CA still. As for my plans. Yes at some point it will be restored. If the hood had not been repainted at some point in the past it would be a much better candidate for historical preservation. Oh well i guess i prefer the restored look anyway. It will probably be a few year before anything happens with the car though. I live out here in TN and the car is at my folks in CA and until i am truly ready to tackle the project correctly it is best that it stay in the perfect dry climate for now. At the moment we just want to make sure that the car does not deteriorate in any way and preserve it. And where it is now is perfect for that. Yes i will really document the car before we do any work on it. Many many photos, measurements, sketches, etc. My plan has always been to just ensure that it would go back together perfectly original, just restored, but as you have mentioned it can also be a valuable resource to other Peerlesses that are around, like the one in MT. PeerlessBelgium here is a pic of the pass. side of the engine. Also here is a pic of the front with the radiator cap/wings One question Philippe Do you have a high quality pic of your fuel vacuum tank as well as your Peerless emblem on the radiator? Also what are the dimensions of the Peerless emblem? Have a great day everybody. Devon Oh yes there are more pics here more pictures
  5. The front of the car. We have the big radiator cap/thermometor/eagle wings stored in the office for safe keeping. sorry i don't have a pic right now cool leather wrapped springs Tucked under the front seat is a bunch of treasures The hand crank, an extra distributor, spare axels, and a bunch of other stuff i don't remember at the moment. Also under the rear seat is two sets of all the side curtins to close the car in from the weather. Sorry don't have any pictures at the moment. Anyway hope you had fun looking. I had a great time writing about it. Cheers Devon
  6. Well it is long overdue but I thought I would post some more pictures of my Peerless for you guys to check out some more. It has been months since i have posted anything, just been watching and reading every now and then. Anyway I know my friend Jeff B. would like to see some. Since it has been so long i'll post a bit more on the history again. We are the 4th owners of the car, which was probaly manufactured at the end of 24 but titled as a 25. It is according to Jeff the only 133in 7 pass. Phaeton left, which i was very surprised to find out. We purchased it from my great uncle who had it for about 20-25years before we got it about 4 years ago. All that time it has just been sitting up on stands. He drove it when he first got it but since then it has just been quite. The engine is not frozen and everything is there so it would probably run if we tinkered on it for a day, i just didn't want to go messing around with the car untill i knew the right way to do things so nothing would get damaged. Now i am just at a place where i am not around the car enough at the moment to work on it. As you can tell from the pictures it is pretty much all original and very compleat. I have only found two thing that will need to be returned to original. 1. the vacuum fuel pump was removed at some time and replaced by an electric unit. and 2. the Peerless Emblem on the radiator does not appear to be correct. It think it should be bigger and more of a flowing script. Do any of you know if the Vacuum pump was an off the shelf unit that may be the same in other cars of the same vintage, or where i could find one? Okay Here is what it is all about. The pictures. the whole album is here All pictures this is the Car when it was outside so you can get a better idea of how it looks from a distance This is the passenger area with the folding jump seats up. There is carpeting on the floor in the rear but non in the drivers area up front. This is because it would have been chauffeur driven so only the back was nicer. A pic of just the back seat with the top folded and covered. The drivers area, As you can see the wind wing is just hanging there, I didn't take the time before it took the picture to fully mount it so it looks kinda funny. I am not sure these wind wings came from the factory. They have not aged the same as the rest of the car. They are made from a lesser quality pot metal and show more age damage than the rest of the trim metal. The slip covers for the jump seats One of my favorite features is the extending wind screen for the rear seat passangers. It extends from just behind the front seats almost all the way back. This appears to be installed at the Peerless factory but was supplied by a different manufacture. I have a catalogue that came with the car that shows all the product line of this company, I don't remember the companies name at the moment but they specialized in accessories such as this. As an interesting side note. The key for the ignition is the same for the key on the locked spare tire. I noticed that they were Yale locks and since that was a name i recognized we took our key for the car over to our local Ace Hardware and our good friend there had a bunch of matching blanks. It was the same blank that Yale used in their padlocks. He cut us a couple of duplicates on the spot. I was blown away that we could get a duplicate key so easily. I don't expect anything else with the restoration to go that smoothly. but it is great when it does. The wonderful big straight six
  7. aussiehup, Thanks so much for that info on the platting, it is most helpful. I will be looking at this more. Cheers 25Peerless72
  8. aussiehup, Would you be willing to post more detailed information on how you do the nickel platting? Your detailed info on the lost wax technique is fantastic and very informative, i am just still fuzzy on how you do the nickel platting. Cheers, your work is amazing. Summit25
  9. That is interesting that the website is not working. It worked for me last week, but not now when i just tried it. I've been needing to join also, just haven't taken the time and money to do it. Cheers Devon
  10. Phillepe, Thanks for the info on the serial numbers In a couple weeks when i am out in CA. I'll get my serial number and post back here again so you all can have a bit more detailed info on my car. Cheers. Devon
  11. The HPOF idea has crossed my mind but there is one problem with my car for such an event. If you noticed in the pictures the hood is different than the rest of my car. My great uncle told us that the owner before him was thinking of restoring the car and repainted the hood as a test. then left it at that. Other than that the car is completely original. Because of this i have never pursued showing it in this class. Also for the past three years I have been out here in Tennessee while the car is in CA. so this kinda makes it hard for me to do much with it. You ask if it runs. Well... My uncle told us he drove it home when he got it 25?? years before we got it from him. It then sat in his garage under cover pretty much untouched. So that would mean that it has been almost 30 years since it has been run. Since we have had it i have not tried to start it for two reasons. One, we got the car soon before i got married and moved away, and have not had the time to go through the basics to make sure it is ready to run. And two i have not worked with cars this old, so have not wanted to go messing around until i know what i am doing and what procedures need to be followed with these old cars. I really have no reason to believe that it would not fire right up because the engine spins nice and smooth and every thing is there. I have just rotated the engine and oiled things up every holiday when i am out there to make sure that no deterioration happens. I am sure that the carb. would have to be cleaned out from the dried/lacquered gas and a few things but i am sure that it could run very easily. The only "problem" that i know of at the moment is the steering froze up from sitting all those years. I know that this could be remedied quite easily we just have not done it at this time. Like i said time and distance have been an issue for me. Also I have not gone through checking the insulation on the wiring so i would not want to put any juice in the wiring until I have very thoroughly checked it over or preferably replaced for safety.
  12. That is very interesting about the brass era vs. later model cars. Although I just love the car so the value of it wasn't why we got the car or why we plan to keep it for the long term. You bring up some interesting points about the car, As I have stated, I am learning about Peerlesses on the go so have a long way to go but this is more of what i know about our car. It is the 7 pass. phaeton. straight 6. There are two fold up seats right behind the front seats. Also it has a second "windshield" that is mounted to the back of the front seats and can be folded out and swung back all the way to the back seats to protect the rear passengers. I have not measured the wheelbase but can do that in a few weeks when i am out at my parents in CA. It is in amazing condition as far as I am concerned for a 25. There is nothing that i see that is missing or modified, even the original leather is all there and not rotten away. It is definitely in need of restoration as you can tell by the pictures but i think that it will be as easy as could be for a complete restoration. The heritage. Out in CA we have the records for ownership that if i remember correctly go back to the original owner which would place us as the 4th owner if i remember correctly. and no my great Uncle is not from San Diego so this should be a new car to the registry. When we got the car about 3.5 years ago my dad briefly contacted someone with the Peerless Club and talked about the car but we have not stayed in touch with anybody since then. When I am out at my folks for the holidays i'll dig up all i can about it and post back here to let you know what I do. It is great to find a group that is knowledgeable and interested in such a unique marque By the way sorry for highjacking this thread. I didn't meant to take over the topic from the CCCA it just caught my attention and i got carried away. Cheers Devon http://picasaweb.google.com/devonhorning/Peerless#
  13. Jeff Thanks for the welcome. It is great to find a community of fellow Peerless People. I have been enjoying learning about Peerlesses and also doing research in proper restoration and preservation techniques. My dad and I are very excited about our car, especially learning that it is the only one. We have not been involved in Classic cars previously but my great uncle had the Peerless for the past 25?? years and i always like the car so much that one day we told him we would love to be able to purchase it from him someday and he said sure, so we ended up with the car. At that time (about 3 years ago) we really knew nothing about Peerless or Classic cars for that matter so it is a very fun learning experience. Anyway the car is out in CA at my parents house so when my wife and I fly out in a few weeks i'll get a bunch more pictures of the car and the accessory parts and post more then. Cheers Devon
  14. Bryan, I understand being busy, so no problem on the phone call. I work from home so feel free to give me a ring anytime i am usually around the phone. I would love to talk to you more and learn more about my car. I can tell that you know much more about it than I do. I didn't know the body was hand massaged. No the roof is not fixed it folds down. Here is a link to some pictures of the car. http://picasaweb.google.com/devonhorning/Peerless# Cheers Devon
  15. Hi all, I have a 1925 Peerless 6-72 Phaeton that i will be restoring down the road so am wanting some input on what is considered proper refinishing technique for CCCA regarding wood trim. I know the original clear finish would be a liquor or shellac. Is it best to refinish using similar materials or go ahead and use a high quality polyurethane that is more durable? Also what what is considered best technique just stripping the old finish and not sanding which will maintain the original patina or sanding down the wood and giving a "new" look to the woodwork? Any thoughts on the "best" way to preserve the original look, feel, quality, and CCCA judging are greatly appreciated. Cheers Devon http://picasaweb.google.com/devonhorning/Peerless#